Saturday 11/29/14

It has been suggested that I take this page off my blog.  But really this particular page was started for ME as a journal of sorts.  I use my notebooks and workout worksheets more than I do this page, but I leave it up so I can add to it when I choose to.

Today, I went to Legacy Martial Arts and taught Zumba and Tabata classes.  I am also doing a hybrid schedule of Beachody’s programs from Les Mills, PUMP and COMBAT.  If you would like to know more about any of those, go to the links from my home page for Beachbody for program info, and my Zumba page for class times.


Monday 8/18/14

So far so good!  Week one of Body Beast finished!

Only issue I had was Friday night working out in my garage, and was doing toe taps, slipped and landed on my butt!  Right hand and left butt cheek took the brunt of the impact, and both are still sore and bruised.  But I can still move, so tonight even though the weights may be light, and the lunges shallow, I WILL be doing Beast Legs!

Monday 8/11/14

The time is now!  I will be adding to this page a couple times a week with what I have scheduled to do for my workouts, and what I DID!  THIS is my accountability page for the next 90 Days of Body Beast!

Here is a copy of my workout schedule for the first 3 weeks.  It is a .pdf scan, so this is new for me.  Let’s see if it works 😉

wks1-3BBLean (1)


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