Strange Observations on My Journey to Success

I always thought “things” were the biggest sign of success. ¬†I have found that to be FAR from the truth! ¬†I have had some people say some amazingly nice things about me over the past year. ¬†And I am actually starting to believe some of them ūüôā ¬†But knowing that I am helping people who found something in me that they had been needing in their lives makes me feel so humbled and makes my heart swell with love.success

But sometimes, a sign of success comes in STRANGE packages!

Let me tell you about something I observed today.

I am almost 44 years old! That was my MIND BOGGLING observation a few days ago ūüėõ ¬†But let’s move on!

Today, I think it is odd that I made it to 43 years of age thinking that bed sheets are bed sheets. I honestly don’t think I have ever paid more than probably $35 for a set of sheets, and that was on sale and what I thought were a REALLY GOOD SET! Last weekend, while at Sam’s Club, I saw that they had Egyptian Cotton 600 thread count sheets ON SALE for like $69! I was like WTH?!?!?!?
But we really needed a new set of sheets. The thin little piece of elastic on the corners of the fitted sheet were getting pretty worn out, AND they are the only set I have left and have been using them for well over 2 years!!!

Well, my Beachbody Income is well over $500 this month, so I decided to get them! Between my FT job, Zumba, and Beachbody, I work anywhere from12-18 hours a day, and thought….MAYBE I deserve to have a nice comfy place to sleep for the few hours I actually get! ūüėČ So I bought them. I had just washed the sheets, so I got around to putting the new ones on today.

JUST WOW! I honestly always just thought that when you bought expensive sheets you were basically paying for a name, or just the extra thread at the very least! They are SO MUCH MORE! I was going to take a picture, but I don’t think it would even do them justice! They are a beautiful chocolate brown with the sateen look going opposite direction about every 3/4 of an inch. They are big enough to fully COVER our dual pillow top mattress and a 2″ memory foam topper with at least 18″ overhang on each side and 24″ at the bottom so I got to tuck in plenty enough to not come out EVERY night!
And the fitted sheet? it wraps UNDER the mattress by a FOOT, AND the elastic goes all the way around and is an inch wide!
Then we get to the 4 Pillow Cases! Yes, all 4 of my pillow cases will actually match for the first time I think ever. And inside of each pillow case is a pocket to keep the pillow from coming out! WHAT IS THAT??? AMAZING! That is what that is! ūüôā

Now we get to how they feel against my skin. I have never felt anything like it! I thought the sheets at the MGM were the best ever, and I was hoping these would compare. They are BETTER! Soft. Inviting. Luxurious.

So at the end of the day, when I can’t possibly reconcile one more insurance EOB, help one more person, add one more number, write one more blog, pay one more bill, do one more workout, choreograph one more song, or even clean one more thing in my house, I know I will have that beautiful chocolate cloud to go to sleep in.

So, with all that said, I have to reiterate that I LOVE BEING A BEACHBODY COACH! I am still far from where I know I am going to go in this business. I mean seriously??? I get to help people improve their health and fitness and get PAID for it!!!

If you would like to come along on this adventure with me, I would LOVE to have you on my team. Maybe buying soft, fancy sheets isn’t a goal in your life, but think about it….if you had an extra $500 a month, what would you do with it.

I know my style, my personality, my “way” may not for everyone. ¬†But if you are willing to put forth the effort to make a REAL lifestyle change and do AMAZING workouts and eat a balanced nutritious diet including what is in my opinion to be the very best meal replacement dense nutrition shake ever made, contact me, and I will be here to help you as much as I can.

So, if you want more information, are ready to jump on board and join my team, or if you are looking for help to reach your personal health and fitness goals, please feel free to reach out to me.  Because I would love to help you.

dream big think small

YOU have the power.

MAKE today GREAT!!!

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How do you see YOU? And what excuses are you using to keep from changing that?

WOW! ¬†It has been over a MONTH since my last blog! ¬†I would say I am sorry, but life has simply been amazingly busy lately. ¬†My “Get Me Through The Holidays Support and Accountability Challenge Group” is doing AMAZING! ¬†They have lost OVER 150# so far, with 2 weeks to go! ¬†And here I was just hoping to keep from gaining any during the holidays, but these girls are kicking booty and inspiring me to lose some of the weight that I had put on over this stressful summer.

Add in getting ready for Christmas, and around my house, that means decorating! ¬†They don’t call me”Griswold” for nothing! ūüėČ ¬†But I think I am done and ready to just enjoy the rest of the holiday season. ¬†Not baking as much this year, because…well….does anyone REALLY need it? ¬†Traditional triple chocolate cake and rum cake both have to be made, along with a couple cookies, but that is about it.

OK…I am getting off track. ¬†But now that you know that I have been a little busy, back to the task at hand.

HOW do you see you?


No matter where you are in your journey, Day 1 or at your goal, you must see yourself, flaws and all, as a beautiful person.  Because YOU are the only person who can do this for you!  It is time to set the BS excuses that you tell yourself aside and get busy improving your health!  Excuses are just lies you tell others so that you can try to convince yourself that you have a legitimate reason for not getting something done.  Trust me, I do it all the time.  I am the Queen of the Procrastination Excuse!

But now it is time to debunk a few excuses.  Since excuses are just lies that you tell yourself, you owning up to yourself on the ones that are calling you out is going to help you decide to commit to the work so that you can finally see real success.

#1~ I don’t have time! ¬†REALLY?!?! ¬†Did you REALLY just say that to me? ¬†I have a full time job, a part time job, and my own business. ¬†Not to mention a family of 7, yes, all 4-legger kids, but they need taken care of and love and affection too! ¬†Yes, I know I¬†procrastinate on many things that if I just did them, I could be so much farther in my business and have better relationships. ¬†But those are my fears to deal with, and right now we are talking about YOU! ūüėČ

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, take action, and ASK FOR HELP in that action. ¬†Human engagement is what is lacking in so many plans to “get healthy”. ¬†You don’t have to do it alone. ¬†I will be your accountability, but YOU must first reach out and make the commitment to do the work.

time to workout

#2 РBut I am too out of shape to do what what it takes to get fit.  This one is, well, I am sorry to tell you, but just DUMB!  Do you REALLY think I started out where I am now?  I got winded on my first walk going just a block from my house and back.  My first set of push ups was against a wall, and I could only do 4!  It is about taking the first step.  I know it is hard!  Trust me, I know!  And yes, there will be tears.  There will be doubt.  And there will be times you want to quit.  But it is not just a workout or nutrition plan you are quitting on, You are quitting on your WHY.  Remember the reason you wanted to start down this path, and honor that by taking that first step, continuing to take each next step, and never giving up!


slower by quitting


#3 – But the progress is SO SLOW. ¬†You have GOT to stop living in the “Instant” Society! ¬†Things that you get for free or things that come quickly, how much do you REALLY appreciate them? ¬†We all have FREE workouts and diet plans available to us at the click of a mouse. ¬†I myself have given away my own workouts and diet plans, the EXACT things that I did and lost 125#, and for the most part, they basically ended up in the garbage. ¬†I find that many people do not truly¬†appreciate something if it is handed to them. ¬†I myself lost 87# back in 1996, very¬†quickly. ¬†Within 4 months of my goal date, I had gained back 35#. ¬†And within 5 years, had gained it all back, and they brought friends. ¬†Why? because I did it in a way that was focused around deprivation and fast¬†weight loss. ¬†The progress in the pic below, took me years! ¬†To lose the weight, gain the muscle, achieve my fit, athletic body. ¬†It didn’t come fast, and it didn’t come from starvation, deprivation, or a magic potion. ¬†It came from deciding to commit to doing the work it was going to take to make a LASTING success.




#4- I will just end up with loose skin again and that makes me feel just as bad as being fat because I still won’t look good in a bikini. ¬†Scars, stretch marks, loose skin. ¬†I have them all. ¬†But I have learned to wear them with pride. ¬†Here is a poem that my friend Mark Cummings wrote about being proud of your scars~



I wrote this for all those who have been scared inside and out. Don’t forget you’re still here because you have a purpose and you are STRONG ENOUGH, and GOOD ENOUGH to earn what you’re worth!


These scars I wear with pride

These scars I dare not hide

Remember the battles I have fought

Remember the lessons I was taught


On the surface and inside deep

Onward and upward to my feet

And if my struggles get too hard

I’ll look down to see my scars


Though at times they appear unsightly

But only because my fights been mighty

So These scars I wear with pride

And these scars I dare not hide

-Mark Cummings-


A little more of my views on the subject from my personal experience:

The scars I have, both the mental and physical, remind me of what I have lived through to become the strong person I am today. ¬†The stretch marks, remind me how hard it is to be obese, and the shame of people seeing me. ¬†And last but not least, the loose skin. ¬†I have been asked many times if I was going to have surgery to get rid of it, but to be honest, it has tightened up some, and although I know it will always somewhat be there, I have learned to accept it for what it is. ¬†Oh sure, I will never look HOT in a bikini, and I still have issues with anyone seeing my belly, and a padded, push-up bra is going to be a necessity for the rest of my life, but then I think back, and remember… I NEVER looked HOT in anything before, and I do now! ¬†I NEVER wanted anyone to see my belly when I was closing in on 300# either, so nothing new there. ¬†And I NEVER had voluptuous, perky boobs anyway, so what is the difference? ¬†LOL!

What is the difference?

I am no longer Pre-diabetic. ¬†I no longer have a cholesterol reading of “gravy”. ¬†I no longer have high BP. ¬†I can walk up a flight of steps without getting out of breath. ¬†I RAN A FREAKING MARATHON! ¬†I teach Zumba classes. ¬†I am sitting here writing on a health and fitness blog!!! ¬†And because my passion to help others feel the way I feel now, with more confidence, more energy, less headache from worry about what health issue is going to pop up next, I became a Beachbody Coach. ¬†I¬†have always wanted to help people. ¬†As a young student, I wanted to be a chiropractor, so I started my medical career by going to the vocational center at my high school and getting certified as a nursing assistant. ¬†When I got pregnant my senior year, and then lost the baby, I also lost all ambitions of returning to school, so I settled in as a CNA at a nursing home. ¬†When I got hurt, and told I could not return, I got a job in the business office at a local pharmacy. ¬†I thought at least I would still have my foot in the door of a career in health. ¬†But I had let the fire for that passion of truly making a difference burn out. ¬†I went from being chubby and overweight to obese and then morbidly obese. ¬†I settled in to a mediocre life.


kickpic collage

I believe that God put me here for a reason, and I that fire has been reignited.


If you are ready to start your journey to health and fitness, I would love to help.  Find me on Facebook @ Body By Brenda or email me at

BE Unapologetically YOU!


And how do we get good at things?

We practice them over and over.

I needed this today! Not only in my life and with my health to continue to develop good habits that will serve the lifestyle that I desire, but in business. I believe that Beachbody and Shakeology can help everyone on their journey, whether it be in fitness, nutrition, or if they are working towards financial freedom, OR all 3 like me!

I also procrastinate out of fear! ¬†I fear that what others have told me, and what I have let the little “Doubting Thomas” living in my head tell me, is really true. ¬†BUT, I now see that I need to start seeing MY truth. ¬†I need to get used to the fact that I AM a leader and that I am the CEO of Body By Brenda! I have lived much of my life small and hiding in the back of the room.

stand out

I have let what other people thought me and said to me to rule what I thought of and said to myself.  I let their opinions of me be MY reality.  You know what?  I am done letting negative people and their negativity rule my life!

what people think of me

Am I Right? ūüôā


I AM a good Coach!  I HAVE changed my life!  I AM a growing leader!  I AM going to live my passion!  And I AM going to DREAM BIG and chase those dreams down and make them my life!

The doubters and naysayers can either come with me, or I will leave them behind.  It is time to BE Unapologetically ME!  And drown out the versions of me that other people think I should be, and that I have been trying to be, with who I truly AM.


And just think what we could do together!

Join me—> ¬†Body By Brenda’s Beachbody Team

I WILL make Excellence a habit!

excellence habit

Weight Loss Transformation?

Here is a little hard truth for you.  Tough Love, if you will.

This is me close to my heaviest, and at my leanest about two years ago.


Yup, that’s right, I far from¬†my leanest¬†right now. ¬†THAT ‚ÜϬ†takes a LOT of work, and I have been giving up a lot of my “ME” time to help others the last couple years. ¬†Not that I am saying that is an altogether a bad thing. ¬†I am still healthy, and I still LOVE ME! ¬†And I really don’t look TOO shabby, right? ūüėČ


But I am writing this blog, because I truly believe God put me on this Earth to help other people find their way to health and fitness.  To REALLY make the changes in their lives that are necessary to help them life happy, healthy, more fulfilling lives, and not the sad, sick, mediocrity that I and many of you have lived for years.  I will do ALL I can to help every person who WANTS my help to get fit and healthy.

But it does NOT come without a lot of hard work.  And tears.  And sometimes even pain.

It does NOT come for free.

It does NOT come without sacrifice.

You WILL have to buy healthy food.

You WILL have to give up some of your favorite comfort foods MOST OF THE TIME!

You WILL need to MAKE the time to move your body.

You WILL want to give up.

You WILL call me horrible names under your breath. Maybe even to my face.

You WILL have days that you don’t even think you are worth it all.

But IF you come to me. If you stay invested in yourself, and stay accountable even when you are at your very very worst, as your coach, I WILL BE HERE FOR YOU!

BUT¬†you can’t¬†hide from me.¬† You have to¬†help ME,¬†help YOU, or the “quit” is not on me. Don’t make excuses. Especially BEFORE you even respond to my outreached hand. ¬†Do you know why?

Because excuses are PLANNED LIES!

So, my question to you is:

Are you planning your healthy future, or are you planning your excuses to NOT have that future?

If you are ready for a plan, I would LOVE to be the one to help you start the journey to meeting your future healthier self!

Contact me today at


worth it

Your On Switch To Fitness – P90

Will YOU let P90 be Your On Switch To Fitness?
I will admit, I thought that P90 was going to be too easy for me. I am in pretty good shape, right??? As a Beachbody Coach, I have been thinking of it mostly as a beginner program.  But it has the potential to be so, SO MUCH more.

Friday night, I did the Month 1 workouts Sculpt A and Ab Ripper A, and I gotta say, that I really enjoyed it.¬† Classic Tony Horton wit.¬† Great exercises with modifications shown for everyone.¬† I am not going to lie, I was sweating by the end!¬† But even as it did ‘reconfirm my belief that this truly can be the On Ramp to fitness for so many people, I also realized that it is so much more.
But I still chose to not write this blog that night.  I wanted to also see what the Sweat A was like before I made my full review.
And can I just say….I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!
This program not only has the potential to help people like I used to be



Yes, I am talking about an alcohol swilling, except pill popping, chain smoking, disabled and in constant pain, morbidly obese 37 year old woman living in the body of a 78 year old(my age on the “Real Age” test the week I started my journey in September 2008), AND the woman I am now.
BUT…could it also help keep a fit and healthy person fit and healthy? I believe that answer is “YES!”
It could even be a way for a fit and healthy person FINALLY get those they love to finally workout with them. You can all do the same workouts TOGETHER! How amazing would that be?
Just image finally having a program that older parents could be a part of. Or get your overweight, game obsessed teen to spend 25 minutes with you learning that it really IS possible to move without feeling awkward and left out.
Or, what about that spouse or sibling who has bad knees, or a bad foot, or a bad back who just does not think ANY workout can ever be “theirs”?
Or the person who says they don’t have time? Longest workout in the C Phase is STILL less than an hour!

So, I ask again?

Could P90 be the On Switch to Fitness fir YOU? Or maybe someone you love?

If so, or if you have more questions, Please contact me. I would love to help Coach you through it.
E-mail me at or message me on Facebook.

I am very passionate about this. I know that passion can sometimes be mistaken for being pushy, but I know what “Rock Bottom” feels like. Trust me, THIS
Strong, FIT, and healthy…

Is better! ūüôā

Love to you, All!



breast cancer tree 1

Been really busy, first being run down with allergies! ¬†UGH! ¬†I can’t wait for all the fields to be cleared out! ¬†Worst thing about living rural as far as I am concerned ūüėõ

But I have also been doing some planning for some things that are going to be happening this month on not only my website, but specifically on my Body By Brenda Facebook page. ¬†I am going to have Breast Cancer Awareness recognition and resource sharing. ¬†I am going to be sharing tips from my friend Stephanie from Secret Sister Shop. ¬†I mean, come on…I even dyed my hair pink to raise awareness! ¬†And trust me, when a 43 year old administrative assistant dyes her hair pink…..EVERYONE asks WHY?! ¬†LOL!

But as a woman with friends, family, heck even friends of friends, who seem to be affected by this disease EVERY day, it makes me realize that as a health and fitness professional, it is MY duty to make sure people KNOW where to find the info. ¬†But not only that. ¬†I don’t want my part of this to be about scaring women into having a mammogram, but to CELEBRATE those who are fighting now, the battles won, and the heroic lives of the battles lost!


AND, not to take away from Breast Cancer Awareness, but rather to FOCUS more on our overall health, I know there are a LOT of you out there who are NOT taking proper care of yourselves. ¬†You don’t make sure you get in exercise for a minimum of 5 days a week, and simply put, your nutrition SUCKS!

As a Beachbody Coach, I have not only teamed up with Beachbody and Tony Horton, but with Wounded Warriors to get you started on the BEST Intro to Fitness Program I have ever seen. ¬†Tony has taken the EXTREME out of this program and made it for EVERYONE! ¬†Pair it up with Shakeology, the “Healthiest Meal Of The Day”, and you are sure to see success. ¬†For every Chalenge Pack sold, in honor of the late Tony Horton Sr., Beachbody is donating $5 to, and I will be matching that donation! ¬†So your purchase will not only help YOU, it will send $10 to our veterans who need our help! ¬†How cool is that?

It is my goal to start a test group for this program and use a Facebook Group to keep us all accountable and feeling supported so that we all make it to day 90! ¬†Date is still TBD, but it will be in the next few weeks, so don’t delay!!! ¬†I will announce it soon!

If you want to be a part of this, and I KNOW you have said to yourself at one point in time or another, “I would do ANYTHING to be healthy and feel GOOD!”. ¬†Well…..THIS is your chance! ¬†NOW is the time. ¬†I am your sign!

Send me message on my Facebook page or to my personal email,, and I will get back to you ASAP about the requirements to be in the group, and how to order your P90 Challenge Pack as soon as possible to make sure you are all set to start when the Group goes active.


To learn more or order now, click here —->¬† Coach Body By Brenda’s Team Beachbody Page





Who is Body By BrendaT, and WHY Beachbody???

This post is LONG overdue!

I have had family and friends say to me over the past year and a half, “Why are you trying to make money off of Beachbody when you yourself did not really use their programs and Shakeology to lose your weight? ¬†It seems like a lie!”

OK…here is the answer.

If I said, “Do you know Brenda Turnbaugh from Quincy, IL?”, about 500 people either personally or simply by association would say yes. ¬†Of those 500 how many do you think REALLY know me and know about my life and weight loss transformation? ¬†And of those few people, how many do you think would pay me to help them with their health and fitness journey? ¬†I tried that route, and I KNOW this answer. ¬†It is remarkably close to ZERO! ¬†No one was willing to pay for what I know from my experience. ¬†And even now, look at my Zumba classes….I only charge $10 a MONTH for 3 classes a week! ¬†Why? ¬†Because I want to make it affordable for people who will not spend money on themselves, because I want to help those people too! ¬†But also, because people don’t know who I am, and I have struggled with the confidence of thinking I am VALUABLE enough to charge more. ¬†I thought I needed to make a name for myself first.~Those of you in my Zumba class at Legacy Martial Arts, don’t let this post scare you, I have no plans¬†to¬†raise rates any time soon, but I have finally realized that you all are getting me for a bargain! ūüėČ

But, it is not enough. ¬†I consistently only have about 10-12 monthly students, and after paying fees, buying music, and paying for continuing education, not to mention my time, I am not even¬†breaking even.¬†¬†But I REALLY want to make my passion my LIFE! ¬†I want to work in the fitness industry so bad I can taste it! ¬†I think about it constantly. ¬†I am by nature, an introvert. Yes, to those who know me, they are always surprised that I am a shy person who fears speaking up because I am not real sure anyone will even listen to what I have to say. ¬†And in my experience over the last 5 years of trying to help people with their fitness and nutrition, I would say I was right. ¬†I have designed workouts, I have given people nutrition advice, I have done the research into programs and products and many, ok most, don’t follow through. ¬†Sure, I do realize that no one can make lasting changes until they themselves are truly ready, but I began to question if what worked for me really would work for others in my life. ¬†But then I realized, that those whom I was trying to help did not see the value in what I was offering, because I was so unsure of myself, that I came off as not confident in the information I was passing along. ¬†So, if I lead people to think that I¬†don’t think I am valuable, then why should they value me and the information I have to pass along?

So…I did my research. ¬†I checked it all out. ¬†I became a human guinea pig! ¬†Over the last 2-3 years, I have destroyed myself by using every shake, pill, workout program, nutrition program, and goofy fad diet I could throw money at. ¬†Where do I keep going back to? ¬†What has been the only constant that made me feel good not only about myself, but about their products? ¬†Beachbody and Shakeology! ¬†The Beachbody programs are tried and true and have the best trainers and supporting fitness and nutritional staff to be found in the business in my personal opinion. ¬†So why wouldn’t I partner up with them? ¬†And Shakeology? ¬†Well, if you follow me on Facebook, you know how I feel about it, and what it has done for both me AND my husband’s health! ¬†If you don’t, please ask! ¬†I LOVE talking about this stuff! ūüôā

So why the sudden need for this post? ¬†Well, I have a few friends who really “show up” when it comes to supporting my dreams, and an instance of that amce up last week, when my friend Stace, of, posted the following collage. ¬†It got 866 LIKES on his Facebook page! ¬†866! ¬† So I feel now is the time to take advantage of his kindness to help promote me and my personal brand and commit to making my passion my life. ¬†Because, as Gary Vaynerchuk says in “Crush It”, “If you are already looking forward to 5 o’clock Friday the second you roll out of bed on Monday, you are not living YOUR life!” ¬†Well, I am 43 years old, and life is too precious a gift to waste. ¬†It is time to live MY life!kickpic collage

So, it is now official!

I am in business for myself and I plan to make health and fitness my LIFE!  Taking this leap of faith to LIVE my PASSION is the scariest thing I have ever done.  And if you know anything aobut my life, you know that is saying something.  But, I am putting my trust in ME and in the fact that I made a wise choice in choosing the amazing company, Beachbody, to partner with!  They supply the products, I supply the coaching, the support, and the motivation and inspiration to help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

And if you too are looking for a way to financial freedom through a business of your own where you get to help people reach for their goals, I would LOVE to have you on my team.  Our team is growing and it is AMAZING!  I could not have asked for better people to learn from and who helped me realize that I truly am worthy of PURE HAPPINESS!  And I look forward to paying that kindness forward and helping others see that in themselves.

Is now YOUR time?

If so, and you are ready to feed off of my passion and take a leap of faith in yourself and finally take control over your health and fitness, and even your finances if you should so choose, contact me so we can get started today!