This is from PiYo? REALLY?

Time for a small confession.

As a Beachbody Coach, I DO at least TRY all of our programs when they are released, but some I don’t do the full calendar, or even every workout within the program.

In September, we are offering an amazing savings on the PiYo Challenge Pack from Chalene Johnson​. And since my Crew team leader, Coach Jimmy​ is in Drench, me and 2 of the local coaches on my team decided to give it a try in my garage gym. Well, it IS called Drench, and my garage WAS about 90 degrees last night, but we had 3 fans going and we are tough girls, so we gave it a go.


That’s The Coach Jimmy on the right! 🙂

But THIS is where things get interesting!

If you know my story, you know that I have a lumbar spinal fusion from L3-S1, that was put in during my 3rd back surgery in 1999 as a result of severe instability of my spine from a 1994 work injury when I was 22 years old working as a CNA at a Veterans’ Nursing Home.  This is what my back looks like during that surgery and now in X-ray.

back fusion

lumbar fusion

Since that fusion, my balance or flexibility have never been even close to what it used to be. Atrophied hamstrings and psoas and a cut erector spinea muscle being the biggest reasons. Fear of moving and hurting myself worse and depression that resulted in a love affair with prescription drugs, booze, and my couch, all while ballooning up to nearly 300# also didn’t help.

But back to my point…

We were all SOAKED!!!  We looked like we had gone swimming in our clothes!  At one point, I changed my head position, and sweat RAN off the top of my head!

post Piyo

Conclusion of the story?  PiYo is an AMAZING all encompassing fitness workout!

Not only does it work on flexibility and stretching and core work like you expect from the name, but also cardio and strength training!  WOW!  And this girl is a bit sore this morning.  I just Thank God that I used my Beachbody Performance Recharge last night, or I may not have been able to get out of bed today!  😀

So, if you are willing to start at the beginning and work up to the more advanced workouts, I am 100% positive that you would get FABULOUS results from this program.  I did have to slow down and/or do the modifications for a few things, but maybe with a little more PiYo in my life, my balance would actually improve! 🙂  I am willing to give it a try and plan to add it to my regime more often.  Just maybe not DRENCH again too soon 😉

If you are interested in trying this amazing program for yourself, contact me at any of the places below, and we can get you started today!

MAKE today GREAT!!!

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Are You Living in Fear?

I have been!

Some days my fears are so strong they overwhelm me.  I am scared of what I could be.  I am scared that bad choices I have made in the past are going to come back and bite me in the butt.  I am scared that I will never be the person I want to be.  I am scared that I will never be able to help all the people that I want to help.  I am scared that if I reach out to some people about helping them, they will tell me I am stupid and not support me.  I am scared that people will think I am a joke.  I am afraid that people look at me and think I am not worthy of all that I want out of life, so they won’t support me.

But you know what I just realized?  If I believe in MYSELF, none of those fears really mean SQUAT!  It is GREAT to have support, but if the people around me don’t want to support me in my dreams, my question is…”Do I really WANT them in my life?”

I BELIEVE IN ME!  I believe and stand behind the products I use and promote.  I believe that Beachbody IS a wonderful company.  And I believe that just because I have struggled recently does NOT make me a failure!  I know how hard I work, and I know where I NEED to work harder.  But the journey to health, weight loss, and fitness is rarely a straight line.

weigh loss


I know that I have made mistakes and had slip ups and even fallen clean off that proverbial wagon several times.  But when I have fallen, I ALWAYS get back up!  I am 20# up from my lowest weight 2 years ago.  But I am determined to make 2014 my fittest year yet!

I am excited to be getting ready to attend my first ever Beachbody Coach Summit in June 2014 and I fully intend to head there being an ACTIVE Coach, and not SCARED of what MIGHT happen if I reach out to people who I KNOW need and want my help, but they too are scared to take that first step!   I fear that my being fearful is costing others time!  Time that they could be on their journey to health!  Time that they are losing to this horrible epidemic of obesity and all of the health related issues that go with it!  So I am not only doing myself a disservice, but all of you whom I could be helping by sharing my story and the wonderful fitness programs such as Les Mills Combat, P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, T25, etc AND the healthiest meal of my day, Shakeology!  It is NOT JUST a protein shake, or JUST a weight loss shake, or JUST a nutrition supplement.  It is ALL of that PLUS so much more!

So, PLEASE!  If you are ready to start your journey, and I have not yet reached out to you, or I HAVE and you were not yet ready, PLEASE contact me if YOUR TIME is NOW!  My Facebook Page is ALWAYS open!  Find me there at Body By Brenda.  Or by e-mail .  And to go straight to my Beachbody site, Click HERE —> START NOW!

I became a Beachbody Coach because I want to help people realize that a healthy lifestyle is WORTH the work!  It is WORTH the effort!  It does not however come for FREE!  You will pay with it through hard work and making changes to your current life that will NOT always be easy!  Remember that deprivation and killing yourself is NOT what it takes to be healthy!  But it DOES take eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and an exercise routine that you will stick to CONSISTENTLY!  But FIRST, you have to START!!!


Now go out there and MAKE today GREAT!!! 


Last Day of 30-Days To a More Confident You!

I can’t believe this is our LAST Confidence Builder! This month has just flown by! Looking for ideas to tackle next, anyone have any ideas they would like me to ponder, let me know. But for now, let’s get to it!

30-Days To a More Confident You!

Day 30 – Imagine The BEST!

The BEST? By this, I mean YOUR BEST! What does YOUR BEST look like to you? What does that even MEAN to you?

For me personally, I ask “WHAT do I WANT my life to look like?” What would make me feel happy and secure? What would be MY best life? I try to imagine it as if it has already happened. Like my BEST life IS my present life!

I am more happily married to Tony than ever!
I help people every day improve their lives.
I get to share my story to inspire others.
I am confident!
I have enough money to be happily secure and don’t have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck anymore.
Tony is retired and enjoys his life not having to work SO hard!
I have time to spend with Tony and all of our Furkids.
I have the time and freedom to work in my yard and flower and vegetable gardens more often, because that is where I feel most at peace and closest to God.
I get to teach classes to people who enjoy fitness as much as I do.
I am lean and fit and in the very best shape of my life!
I am a certified personal trainer.
I am more knowledgeable about nutrition.
I have a beautiful home with room either inside or in a separate building for a full gym where I can both train and teach classes.
I no longer struggle with bouts of abusing food to numb my emotions and stress.

I know I am leaving things out, but these are the things that I have in my heart and mind right now. I love my life now! But I know there are GREAT things in store for me and if I keep working hard and BELIEVE, all my dreams WILL come true!

In the “Comments”section, tell me what YOUR BEST LIFE looks like to you!

DREAM BIG! You are worth it! Your BEST life CAN be yours!
believeHead UP! Shoulders BACK! Smile ON! Now get out there and take on the world!!!