This is from PiYo? REALLY?

Time for a small confession.

As a Beachbody Coach, I DO at least TRY all of our programs when they are released, but some I don’t do the full calendar, or even every workout within the program.

In September, we are offering an amazing savings on the PiYo Challenge Pack from Chalene Johnson​. And since my Crew team leader, Coach Jimmy​ is in Drench, me and 2 of the local coaches on my team decided to give it a try in my garage gym. Well, it IS called Drench, and my garage WAS about 90 degrees last night, but we had 3 fans going and we are tough girls, so we gave it a go.


That’s The Coach Jimmy on the right! 🙂

But THIS is where things get interesting!

If you know my story, you know that I have a lumbar spinal fusion from L3-S1, that was put in during my 3rd back surgery in 1999 as a result of severe instability of my spine from a 1994 work injury when I was 22 years old working as a CNA at a Veterans’ Nursing Home.  This is what my back looks like during that surgery and now in X-ray.

back fusion

lumbar fusion

Since that fusion, my balance or flexibility have never been even close to what it used to be. Atrophied hamstrings and psoas and a cut erector spinea muscle being the biggest reasons. Fear of moving and hurting myself worse and depression that resulted in a love affair with prescription drugs, booze, and my couch, all while ballooning up to nearly 300# also didn’t help.

But back to my point…

We were all SOAKED!!!  We looked like we had gone swimming in our clothes!  At one point, I changed my head position, and sweat RAN off the top of my head!

post Piyo

Conclusion of the story?  PiYo is an AMAZING all encompassing fitness workout!

Not only does it work on flexibility and stretching and core work like you expect from the name, but also cardio and strength training!  WOW!  And this girl is a bit sore this morning.  I just Thank God that I used my Beachbody Performance Recharge last night, or I may not have been able to get out of bed today!  😀

So, if you are willing to start at the beginning and work up to the more advanced workouts, I am 100% positive that you would get FABULOUS results from this program.  I did have to slow down and/or do the modifications for a few things, but maybe with a little more PiYo in my life, my balance would actually improve! 🙂  I am willing to give it a try and plan to add it to my regime more often.  Just maybe not DRENCH again too soon 😉

If you are interested in trying this amazing program for yourself, contact me at any of the places below, and we can get you started today!

MAKE today GREAT!!!

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Gluten Free and this weeks progress!

ON EDIT!  Sorry, I changed my line of thinking and NOT the title.  GF snacking will be coming soon:)

I know it has been nearly a week since I have been in here, but I have NOT been slacking off!  Quite the opposite actually.  I have been really busy, and I don’t see a n end in sight for at least another week, so I am trying to knock out a quick blog post on a break at work to catch up a bit:)

Starting with the gluten free experiment.  I believe I am starting to see some good effects from it.  I have only had one small cyst on my face in the last 2.5 weeks.  I wish it would solve ALL of my blemish problems, but I do blame some on hormones considering the timing.  I also think I am noticing less bloating in my belly.  I have still not accomplished 100% GF, but I am getting closer, and am curious to see what other changes I will see.

Next, my diet overall.  Pretty good!  Staying on track with the calorie range I have set for myself, but thinking I may be just a tad high, so may try to lower by at least 100/day over the next week and see how I feel.  Then go from there.  It is hard to find that balance some times as your body changes.   Be patient and keep doing what you know is right!  Success WILL come.

And finally…the workouts!  Going GREAT!  I am lifting 1-2 body parts per day 4 days a week, FIT class 2 days a week, yoga one day a week, Zumba 3 days a week, and  running or other cardio 4 days a week.  I will do this for one more week to see if it is overload, and see if I need to adjust something.  Training HARD is one thing, but over training is another.  No time for a plateau in the middle of a 7-week challenge:)

Well, this actually took me BOTH of my breaks, and now I have to finish my work so I can head to the gym in about an hour and a half!

Take a step forward on your healthy journey and Make today GREAT!