This is from PiYo? REALLY?

Time for a small confession.

As a Beachbody Coach, I DO at least TRY all of our programs when they are released, but some I don’t do the full calendar, or even every workout within the program.

In September, we are offering an amazing savings on the PiYo Challenge Pack from Chalene Johnson​. And since my Crew team leader, Coach Jimmy​ is in Drench, me and 2 of the local coaches on my team decided to give it a try in my garage gym. Well, it IS called Drench, and my garage WAS about 90 degrees last night, but we had 3 fans going and we are tough girls, so we gave it a go.


That’s The Coach Jimmy on the right! 🙂

But THIS is where things get interesting!

If you know my story, you know that I have a lumbar spinal fusion from L3-S1, that was put in during my 3rd back surgery in 1999 as a result of severe instability of my spine from a 1994 work injury when I was 22 years old working as a CNA at a Veterans’ Nursing Home.  This is what my back looks like during that surgery and now in X-ray.

back fusion

lumbar fusion

Since that fusion, my balance or flexibility have never been even close to what it used to be. Atrophied hamstrings and psoas and a cut erector spinea muscle being the biggest reasons. Fear of moving and hurting myself worse and depression that resulted in a love affair with prescription drugs, booze, and my couch, all while ballooning up to nearly 300# also didn’t help.

But back to my point…

We were all SOAKED!!!  We looked like we had gone swimming in our clothes!  At one point, I changed my head position, and sweat RAN off the top of my head!

post Piyo

Conclusion of the story?  PiYo is an AMAZING all encompassing fitness workout!

Not only does it work on flexibility and stretching and core work like you expect from the name, but also cardio and strength training!  WOW!  And this girl is a bit sore this morning.  I just Thank God that I used my Beachbody Performance Recharge last night, or I may not have been able to get out of bed today!  😀

So, if you are willing to start at the beginning and work up to the more advanced workouts, I am 100% positive that you would get FABULOUS results from this program.  I did have to slow down and/or do the modifications for a few things, but maybe with a little more PiYo in my life, my balance would actually improve! 🙂  I am willing to give it a try and plan to add it to my regime more often.  Just maybe not DRENCH again too soon 😉

If you are interested in trying this amazing program for yourself, contact me at any of the places below, and we can get you started today!

MAKE today GREAT!!!

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New Look!

So, What do you think?

Revamped the site a bit.  Little more pink.  Not sure I like it yet, but I will see if it grows on me.

I am getting excited for my new Accountability Challenge Group starting on Facebook on August 11th!

If you want to be part of it, all you have to do is buy ANY Beachbody Challenge Pack from my site and get signed up with me as your Coach!

beachbody program cover pic

To get started today, just CLICK HERE —-> Body By Brenda

I LOVE Les Mills, and I LOVE E&E!!!

post for

Thinking about upping the ante for the upcoming Les Mills Challenge Group* I am starting on April 7th….

I messed up my timing on my order, and ended up with too much E&E, which is the BEST all natural Pre-Workout Drink I have ever used. All natural, and NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS OR DYES!

AAAAAACCCKKK!!! That drives me crazy! WHY does everyone want to put sucralose and Red Dyes in EVERYTHING! Both are SO BAD for you!!!
OK…down off my soap box and back to the task at hand! 

If I fill this Challenge Group with a minimum of 5 people by Sunday 3/16/14 at Midnight CDT, I am going to give away a 25 Serving Tub(a $29.96 Value) of E&E to one of the participants! You can get COMBAT or PUMP! Your choice! But you have to act NOW!  Click the pictures to learn more about the corresponding program.

combatMarch sale (1)
So help me fill it up! Commit to the Challenge yourself, and then SHARE the post! GOTTA GET TO 5 BY SUNDAY! Let’s push!!!!

So, if you are on the fence, now is the time. You will get a Free Shaker Cup just for ordering, and if the group fills up, you have a chance to win the E&E!

I LOVE this stuff!

*Details of the April 7th Les Mills Challenge Group:


Commit to doing the Les Mills Program of your choice for 60 days(the last 30 of the PUMP program, you will still have MY support, and by then have made friends in the group and be in my special Les Mills Crew Support Group on Facebook).

Commit to drinking 1 serving of Shakeology EVERY day for the FULL 60 DAYS!!!  This will mean you will be buying a second bag for your second month.  But by then, I just KNOW you will be seeing the benefits and not want to give it up!

Commit to being part of the Facebook Challenge Group and checking in at least 3x’s a week.  The more you reach out and give and receive support, the greater your chance of success!

Submit Before and After Pics and measurements!  You CAN do this privately to just me, but I encourage you to share them with everyone.


Daily support and encouragement through the PRIVATE Facebook Group.

Be here to help you with any questions you may have.

I will commit to helping you as much as YOU commit to helping YOU!  Give it 100%, and I will be there by your side the whole 60 days pushing and encouraging you to do YOUR BEST!

!!!!!!Time to MAKE today the FIRST day of the BEST days of your life!!!!!


Can you say “TOO many irons in the fire!”? I have stretched myself so thin this month, that I don’t know which way is up anymore. I keep saying I am going to work on my sleep schedule. HA! That still isn’t happening! Of course, does ANYONE get enough sleep around the holidays? From Thanksgiving to New Year’s becomes a blur. And I am not even a big shopper!

new year14

Anyway…I did want to make sure that I got in here at least once before the December 21st deadline of ordering P90X3, or ANY Challenge Pack for that matter, to get it in time for a First of the year start! I am doing a Challenge Group with the P90X3. If you are interested, please e-mail me at , and I will help you get signed up and get your order in and we can do it together starting January 6th! I am really excited about this program. I know it is going to be tough, but there are modifiers throughout the whole program! If there is something you can’t do like Tony, then do the modifier. Modifying is not cheating, it is BUILDING!


If you want to look at the broad collection of Fitness Programs that Beachbody has to offer, check them out at

I have to get back to work now, but I will check back in with you all again before Christmas!

MAKE today GREAT!!!

Feeding America!

Some of you will remember this, but those of you who had no idea who I was 3 years ago, the following video is from my National television debut! 🙂  LOL!  I was chosen by The Biggest Loser Club Online to be featured in one in a cross promotion for their website and the Feeding America/Biggest Loser, Pound For Pound Challenge.  They came to my small town and worked with me, our local clinic, Quincy Medical Group, JACKIE JOYNER KERSEE, and our local Salvation Army Food Bank.


It was an honor to work with Feeding America back then, and I am happy to say that I am going to get a chance to work with them again through Beachbody!

“****1 in 8 Americans are struggling with HUNGER****. This is why Team Beachbody is teaming up to help support and give back. For any of you who are out there and happen to see this post we are asking of your support and help in Feeding America!
We have a GOAL to donate ONE MILLION dollars to the “Feeding America” organization. This is how it will work. Every time one of YOU purchases Shakeology® on Home Direct or chooses a Challenge Pack we will donate ($10 for shakeology) & ($20 for a challenge pack) to help feed the hungry. Please let me know so that we can keep a running tally of donations. We BELIEVE we can make a huge impact and it’s an honor to take part in this cause.”  

You can message me individually or you can choose your challenge pack here —-> Give and Receive Beachbody Promotion

Here is a short video with more info.