Are You Living in Fear?

I have been!

Some days my fears are so strong they overwhelm me.  I am scared of what I could be.  I am scared that bad choices I have made in the past are going to come back and bite me in the butt.  I am scared that I will never be the person I want to be.  I am scared that I will never be able to help all the people that I want to help.  I am scared that if I reach out to some people about helping them, they will tell me I am stupid and not support me.  I am scared that people will think I am a joke.  I am afraid that people look at me and think I am not worthy of all that I want out of life, so they won’t support me.

But you know what I just realized?  If I believe in MYSELF, none of those fears really mean SQUAT!  It is GREAT to have support, but if the people around me don’t want to support me in my dreams, my question is…”Do I really WANT them in my life?”

I BELIEVE IN ME!  I believe and stand behind the products I use and promote.  I believe that Beachbody IS a wonderful company.  And I believe that just because I have struggled recently does NOT make me a failure!  I know how hard I work, and I know where I NEED to work harder.  But the journey to health, weight loss, and fitness is rarely a straight line.

weigh loss


I know that I have made mistakes and had slip ups and even fallen clean off that proverbial wagon several times.  But when I have fallen, I ALWAYS get back up!  I am 20# up from my lowest weight 2 years ago.  But I am determined to make 2014 my fittest year yet!

I am excited to be getting ready to attend my first ever Beachbody Coach Summit in June 2014 and I fully intend to head there being an ACTIVE Coach, and not SCARED of what MIGHT happen if I reach out to people who I KNOW need and want my help, but they too are scared to take that first step!   I fear that my being fearful is costing others time!  Time that they could be on their journey to health!  Time that they are losing to this horrible epidemic of obesity and all of the health related issues that go with it!  So I am not only doing myself a disservice, but all of you whom I could be helping by sharing my story and the wonderful fitness programs such as Les Mills Combat, P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, T25, etc AND the healthiest meal of my day, Shakeology!  It is NOT JUST a protein shake, or JUST a weight loss shake, or JUST a nutrition supplement.  It is ALL of that PLUS so much more!

So, PLEASE!  If you are ready to start your journey, and I have not yet reached out to you, or I HAVE and you were not yet ready, PLEASE contact me if YOUR TIME is NOW!  My Facebook Page is ALWAYS open!  Find me there at Body By Brenda.  Or by e-mail .  And to go straight to my Beachbody site, Click HERE —> START NOW!

I became a Beachbody Coach because I want to help people realize that a healthy lifestyle is WORTH the work!  It is WORTH the effort!  It does not however come for FREE!  You will pay with it through hard work and making changes to your current life that will NOT always be easy!  Remember that deprivation and killing yourself is NOT what it takes to be healthy!  But it DOES take eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and an exercise routine that you will stick to CONSISTENTLY!  But FIRST, you have to START!!!


Now go out there and MAKE today GREAT!!! 



I know it has been a long time.  A lot going on in my personal life right now.  If you follow me on FB, you know it has been a struggle for me.  But I keep fighting.  Stress has me frustrated and gaining weight!   UGH! I am trying to re-focus starting today.

But today I want to talk about FEAR.

Are you wanting to start on your journey to your fittest you, but you are scared to start? Fear of failure keeping you sitting on the sidelines? Thinking to yourself, “I want to __________, but I am just not strong, smart, coordinated, etc. enough.”


5 years ago today, I weighed OVER 275# and have been morbidly obese for more of my life than not ! I was drinking EVERY night! Smoking 1.5-2 packs of cigarettes every day! I was pre-diabetic, had high BP, and my cholesterol was…well, to be honest, I think it read GRAVY! I have titanium bolts holding my lower back together.  I have things in my past that have left me feeling COMPLETELY WORTHLESS TO HUMANITY!  I live in a town whose population is about 400!  And we live paycheck to paycheck!

So, did I think I could get healthy and fit on my own, was a stretch by itself. But to think that one day I might inspire, motivate, and even help and coach others on their paths would have never even crossed my mind.

NOW? Now it is my biggest dream and greatest joy in life. Whether it be through classes I am teaching, a workout I designed, or through being a Beachbody Coach, or just talking to someone about nutrition, exercise, or finding their confidence and self worth, I feel I am doing what I am meant to do.

This post was brought to you by my friend and fellow Beachbody coach, Andy, after he posted one of my favorite Twain quotes this morning~

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain

So don’t live your life in fear of failure. You will regret NEVER doing things you wish you had than doing them and failing. And if you keep working, there is no failing. You are ALWAYS a work in progress. I may feel “blah” at times, but I KNOW I am not a failure. I am just an unfinished masterpiece! 🙂

MAKE today GREAT!!!

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