I have been obsessed with Katy Perry’s song Roar since I first heard it.  I even HAD to choreograph a Zumba warm up routine to it.  The words just really resonate with me.  It is SO ME!  I spent many years of my life being obese and a closet heavy drinker, so I hid from the world a lot.  I did not want people to see Me.  I also lived my life very quiet and small.  I felt my opinion was very insignificant to the world.  Many times when I did have an opinion, I kept it to myself, out of pure fear that if I did stand up and speak, that would mean someone would have to look at me.  

It has taken a lot of work.  A lot of soul searching.  A lot of digging deep.  But as I lost the weight and gained some confidence, I found that I wanted MORE! So I work and fight to find more every day.  I want to be someone that people want to listen to.  I want to help others reach for their goals.  And I WANT to do it LOUDLY!!!


I am the Champion of MY LIFE!  Why shouldn’t I Roar?

Make a concerted effort EVERY DAY to be your very best YOU!  That is all we can do in life.  Striving for perfection is going to leave you only with heartache!  Even when you ARE perfect to someone else, you, as your WORST critic, will never be perfect in your own eyes anyway!  It is a losing battle.  Strive for PROGRESS!  Make today a little better than yesterday.  And when it isn’t, and there WILL be days like that, get back up dust yourself off and ROAR!  This is YOUR LIFE!  Only YOU can change it!  Do your best, WHATEVER that is for that day, and just keep moving FORWARD!  

The past is over!  

The time of biting our tongues is over!

It is time to ROAR!

African Lion Roaring Animal Model


Wrapping up 2012 and getting ready for 2013

This has been a very busy season for me this year.  Every year, I bake SO MANY cookies, because people “expect” it of me.  Well, this may have been the last year of that tradition.  Don’t get me wrong, I will still do the basics, but NO ONE needs that much sugar, and I am having difficulty staying out of the leftovers.  I will be sending them somewhere VERY SOON!

I also realized as I put together the trays, that I don’t have as many to make anymore:(  I always called my Father-In-Law my “Cookie Monster”.  He loved my Christmas baking for the last 20 years, but sadly we lost him this year, and when it dawned on me that his being gone is one reason I have so much left over, I had to slip into the bathroom away from my husband for a soul cleansing cry.  I also miss my Mom terribly this time every year, because it was her favorite time and we did so much of the decorating and baking and shopping together.  Can’t believe it has been 10 Christmases that she has been gone now.

Tony and I did have a Christmas Party this year, that I hope becomes a new tradition, because I enjoyed it thoroughly, and now know that I CAN invite more people:)  LOL!  My house is small, and I was afraid to invite everyone for fear of room, but I had a blast!  And to me, the more the merrier!  I come from a big family, and slept in a twin bed with my sister for years!  And I enjoyed having kids in my house for Christmas.  We were not blessed with children, but many of my decorations would indicate otherwise, and they are meant to be enjoyed!

OK….so that covers just the Christmas part of my business over the last few weeks.  I had something VERY special done for me on Thursday Dec 13th.  And I wanted to shout it out and share it with everyone…but then the Newtown, Ct tragedy happened, and I almost didn’t feel right being happy about anything.  So although my family and friends knew about it, and I had already posted it on Facebook, I did not feel it was right for me to celebrate while others were suffering.  I know the parents and the community have a long road ahead of them, but sometimes a smile or a happy moment can also help heal a wound.    So here is my proud and happy moment:

You all hear me speak so highly of my wonderful instructor, Mr Bentley, at Legacy Martial Arts in Quincy all the time.  Well, he always tells me that the feeling is mutual, that I inspire and motivate him as much as he inspires and motivates me.  In August when Kickpics Martial Arts Photographers, Stace and Mark, were here and took many of the pics I have shared on this blog and my Facebook page, they took the following pic, and Mr Bentley had it made into a poster to put on the gym wall.  That was SO VERY special to me that he thought this much of me to do this.  So here is a picture of it.  Taken with my goofy phone, so a little cloudy.

posterAnd then….last week, I won a Popeye Bicep Pose down on Team Gym Bulls Facebook page with ANOTHER Kickpics photo…

BRENDA TURNBAUGH 028Team Gym Bulls is a bunch of fitness people who promote anti-bullying.  Many of them who turned to fitness after being bullied themselves.  I myself was bullied as a child because I was “fat”, and I have been asked to write a piece for their page that I will share with all of you when I am done with it.  Probably will have it done over the next week or so.

And….for the future….

2013…I have decided that I AM going to train and run 2 half marathons this spring. Now, much of it may be done on a treadmill, as I HATE?  DESPISE??  LOOOAAATTTHHHEEE the cold!  To be honest with you, it is the only thing that I still use my back as an excuse for.  The cold goes straight to my titanium bolts in my back and I get so chilled that I can think of nothing other than the pain.

I AM going to continue to work on my website and hope that I will have it up BY Spring!    Just taking a lot longer as a novice to put it together than I thought it would.   BUT I have decided NOT to put any pressure on myself to even attempt a physique competition in 2013.  The plan is to train like I AM getting ready for one, but any extra $$$ and time needs to go to my website first.  And if I feel it is right for me in the future, I will look into a little closer.

As of RIGHT NOW….I have TOTALLY fallen to the temptation of “Christmas Carbs”!  LOL!  I have had cookies, bread, I even ate NOODLES!!!  So as you can imagine, my skin is horrible, and I am holding fluid like CRAZY!  But I am not living in the past.  It is over now, and today is a new day.  And in my mind’s eye…my future looks brighter than ever!  I hope you all are ready to take this journey with me and 2013 will be a FABULOUS year!

****On Edit****

Here is a pic of the Legare Wear tank that I won in the Popeye bicep pose contest!

LEGARE weare picture