From Zumba to Beachbody to Bullying…October is BOOMING!!!

Howdy Ya’All!!!

WOW!  October is shaping up to be a CRAZY busy month!

Starting off with Beachbody putting both the P90X AND P90X2 Combo Packs on sale for the month at $180!  This is a HOT deal!  That is $90 off!!!

p90x_cp_october_promo_header p90x2_cp_october_promo_header

That is like getting P90X or P90X2 for only $50 with the purchase of Shakeology HD!  Plus you get 30 days to try out the Team Beachbody Club membership. PLUS you get me as your coach!  And if you knew what an AWESOME Team of Coaches I belong to and am learning from, you would know JUST how HUGE that is alone!  And I will hook you up with other people doing the P90X programs to help support you, keep you accountable, and cheer you on to success!!!

WHEW!  Sorry, but that sale really has me a bit excited! LOL!  Back to the REST of October.

Starting next Monday, October 14th, through Friday October 18th, I am doing a 5-Day FREE Nutrition Challenge!  I will provide the plan, you just follow it for 5 DAYS!!!  No CRAZY 500 calorie plans, NO CRAZY cleanse or detox, you will EAT!   You will just be eating good foods, clean foods, the RIGHT foods, for 5 DAYS!   I know you will be feeling so AWESOME afterwards, that this is going to Jump Start many of you to the next level on your journey!  Go to my Facebook page Body By Brenda and message me to be added to the PRIVATE Facebook group where everything will take place.


We all know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I have a TON on that, but first, did you also know it is Bullying Prevention Month?  Being in the Martial Arts world, I have gotten to meet SO MANY awesome people who fight bullying every day.  They teach confidence to the bullied and respect to the bully!   Not so they FIGHT, but that they have the confidence and respect in themselves and others to never HAVE to fight.  I had this on my FB page yesterday~

Now back to Breast Cancer Awareness….

As you all know, I am a Zumba instructor, and I teach at one of my favorite places in the world, Legacy Martial Arts, in Quincy, IL.  Every year Mr Robert Bentley does an AMAZING fundraiser called Breaking Boards For A Cure.  This year, it is on October 26th.  Starting at 9AM, we will be doing yoga with our AMAZING Breat Cancer Survivor yoga instructor, Mahala.   After that, the Zumba Party In Pink starts at 10AM.  We only have about 1/2 hour, but I would LOVE to pack the mats with people who just want to help us raise money for Breast Cancer Research and have some FUN!!!  You do NOT have to be a professional dancer to Zumba!  It is supposed to be FUN!!!  It is all donation only.  And remember, I have the bracelets for sale still…$1 each!

I can only ship if you pay S&H, but e-mail me at if you are interested.

SO…My little life is getting a little bit fun and exciting right?  Well, it gets better! Yesterday, I was asked to do 2 HOURS of Zumba at the local Girl Scouts Overnight Lock-In!!!  I am SO STINKING EXCITED!!!!  748 girls!  WWWHOOO HOOO!!!!!  OK…it is from 10:30 PM -12:30 AM, but I can handle it.  RIGHT?  LOL!

AND we are going to an AWESOME bonfire and hay rack ride party this month with great friends.  AND my husband’s Birthday is this month. (I LOVE his birthday, because then we are the same age for the next 6 months, so he stops calling me an OLD LADY!  LOL!)

AND THEN…HALLOWEEN!!!  OK…I was a fat kid!  Halloween was like the GREATEST day of the year!  Some things have stuck! 🙂  I still LOVE scary movies, I still LOVE seeing people dressed up in AWESOME costumes, and I still LOVE the excitement and anticipation that you see in each kid as they ring that bell, hold out their treat bag and say “Trick-or-Treat!”

And I can’t close this without mentioning the fact of the beautiful weather and the beautiful changing leaves.  Even my short 20 minute drive along the interstate on my way home has some pretty spots.  I also love running(or in this year’s case, jogging/walking) around my little rural area.

And just in case you don’t follow me on Facebook and missed it, a friend of mine had some T-shirts made for me with my logo on them.  There seems to be some interest in my making some available for sale, so I will also be looking into that! 🙂

Now, get out there and MAKE today GREAT!!!

5 YEARS!?!?!

WOW!  With all that has been going on this week, I almost missed my 5 Year Journey to Fitness Anniversary!

I can not believe it has been 5 years since I started my journey to get healthy.  But more than that, I can’t believe 5 years ago I weighed over 100# MORE than I do right now.  Over the past several months, I have had some trials and ERRORS, but all in all, I am STILL a success story!  I have kept off 100# for almost 4 years now.

I want to take this moment to thank EVERYONE who has supported me, believed in me, and helped me in any way to make my dream of living a healthy lifestyle my REALITY!  I may have done all the work, and put forth all the blood, sweat, and tears, but without you all, I may have given up on myself.  I never felt worthy of having wonderful things in my life.  So I would do anything I could to  make sure I didn’t!  The negativity I used to put into the world, came back on me continuously.  Sure, I had a wonderful husband and family who love me, but I had even pushed and the few friends that I did have away by choosing my negative addictive existence over them.  But along this journey, I have found my way back to enjoying company of people over a toxic lifestyle again.   I have made an effort to make friends who have the same interests as I do.  People who also want to be fit and healthy and live a FULL life.

I admit that am still a bit of homebody, which helps explain why Beachbody was such a great fit for me, but I also treasure my time with my friends and have found a true love in Group Training.  Whether it be teaching or taking Zumba and FIT classes at Legacy Martial Arts or doing the Body By Brenda Workouts in the park.  I love seeing people enjoy fitness and people believing in me enough to allow me to be able to be part of that.

Hard to believe that a person who consumed as much alcohol and Rx pain killers as I did to numb out my life would now be the one who not only celebrates each and every moment of life, but want to help others find their path and do the same.  Speaking of my old vices….it has also been almost 5 years since I had my last cigarette!   Remembering back to September thru December 2008, I was SO determined!  I had failed so many times.  Work hard for a week or so, and then BOOM!  There comes the weekend.  Or a holiday.  Or a party.  Always an excuse to eat bad foods and drink LOTS of alcohol.  Heck, back then, a Tuesday was a good enough reason for that! 😛  My how things have changed.

before during after

Illness and injury have been a big part of this year so far, but I am working to get back on MY schedule.  The one that just “works” for me.  And then I have some new goals in mind.  But first, I am aiming to get back to the girl in this 3rd pic.  I have put on about 18#, and look more like the 2nd one now, but I will NEVER sell myself short!  I know I can do it!  I HAVE DONE IT!  I REFUSE TO GIVE UP!!!

055 - Copy-1

Who’s with me???  Who is NOT willing to put off their BEST SELF any longer?  Who does NOT want to wait until January 1st?  I am starting a new Beachbody ANY PROGRAM Challenge on September 30th.  You must be willing to invest in yourself and commit to the program and group.  One meal or snack replacement each day with Shakeology, and Push Play on your Beachbody program of choice for the duration which it is designed, whether it is one you already own or a Challenge Pack that you buy today.  Contact me on my Facebook Body By Brenda or email me at  OR you can go straight to my site and check out the programs at .

You don’t need a New Year to resolve to make your life better.  You just need tomorrow.

MAKE today GREAT!!!

Accountability and P90X


accountabilityHey Folks!

Well, if you follow me on Facebook, you know I was SICK last weekend.  So between being busy, then sick, and now having to catch up on all I missed, I am just finally getting this post done.  I am putting it ALL out there with this one!  I know I should be REALLY proud of these pictures considering how far I have come, but I will admit I am still very nervous about putting these out there.  But I said I would, so here Ya go.

64836_236672783137080_309477328_n 534887_236672769803748_60482485_n 529406_236672749803750_598696826_n 524829_236672679803757_467161182_n 482255_236672693137089_463911213_n 388730_236672696470422_1200236244_n

This is the suit that I intend to wear IN PUBLIC for the 4th of July!  I know, this is about as “public” as you can get, but I am going to wear it and BE PROUD to do so by then!  I have gotten soft over the last couple months, and I am ready to kick it back into high gear and show myself exactly what I am made of! 🙂

So far, I spent 3 of the days since I started with a HORRIBLE stomach bug!  I decided since that was as far as I had gotten, that I would just start over on Day one as of this Monday.  So today is Day 5, and the workouts are going GREAT!  I am still struggling to get my macros the way they should be, but my calorie level has been pretty good.

Well, if you know me, you know just how “Out of my Comfort Zone” this post is.  But it is only the beginning!  With my determination, Beachbody, Shakeology, and a great support group, I am going to achieve AWESOME results!  Ya’All will be knocking down my door to get on a Challenge Group!  LOL!

BTW…I know I haven’t kept you all too much in the loop about my training for the Illinois Half I-Challenge coming up in 2 weeks!  That is a 5k on April 26th and a half-marathon on April 27th in Champaign, IL.  I am meeting a big group of friends that I met on weight loss support groups(NOVO Wellness and BLC)!  Many of them I have  met before, but some I have never met, and I am SO excited!  Training has been….pretty good.  I still get frustrated by the speed I lost after my injury, but I am learning to accept it.  When I try to press the speed too fast, I am in pain.  When I let my body just do its natural thing, I LOVE running again.  So tomorrow is my last LONG run before taper week.  I can’t believe how fast that seemed to sneak up on me!

I will be updating these pics in about 3 weeks!  I hope to see some improvement by then.  Until then, follow me daily on Facebook at Body By Brenda, and I will keep you up to date in here as often as possible.