Each time I come across this picture, I just cringe. It makes me sick to my stomach.
Because I actually see my face on this little girl  😦

One of my earliest memories of my self loathing body image, was going to my pediatrician when I was 5 or 6. He would poke me in the belly and say to my mom, “Brenda getting a little too chubby. Need to put on diet or she will be massive fat adult!” This is exactly how he would say it. English was not his first language, he was from India. And I LOVED his family. They were our neighbors. At his house, his wife would make us these wonderful treats from their country. And they always had rock candy! Great for the “fat kid” of the neighborhood to always be the one that doctor would NOT let have the candy.

But I would dream about being beautiful. I would look at pictures of women in magazines, and dream that “one day”…..

Today, I still catch myself doing the same damn thing! Even though I KNOW in my heart that it is wrong! Even though I know beauty comes from within! Even though I know that it is our actions that truly make us beautiful. And Even though I know about all the touch ups, makeup, contouring, and photo shopping, and plain and simple, that…



It admit that it is still a difficult road that I stroll down from time to time, and I hope and pray that as I publicly share my journey(the good, bad, and ugly) down this road that I shed light on the reality of the fact that being fit, healthy, and BEAUTIFUL have nothing to do with the size of your F-ing Skinny Jeans!
I am not saying that wanting to lose weight for health and to look and feel better is bad, but PLEASE remember that it is not what DEFINES beauty! I am in the fitness industry, and although many are only focused on being skinny, there is a MUCH GREATER MESSAGE that many of us share that is way above and beyond “skinny”! Being your BEST YOU! No matter what that is or looks like!

The most eye pleasing woman in the world can still be ugly, by her actions, or simply by opening her mouth!

But the mirror is still my arch nemesis! It taunts me! It distorts all that is within and focuses only on the overweight, ugly outside that I see. But I am healthy. I am fit. WHY do I still let this object define me in my head? Why do I only focus on what I see as flaws instead of the wonderful progress I have made since I was that chubby little girl who saw nothing but a worthless, sad, lonely, fat girl looking out from her mirror.

My point of this post, is to please not only watch what and how you say things to your children, but watch how you talk about yourself in front of them. If they know that you disgust yourself for being overweight, if they too have a weight problem, they will also think that they are disgusting to you.

You ARE Beautiful!

purple rose you are beautiful

And flaws and all, So Am I!

MAKE today GREAT!!!

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Self Love!

be my friend

I saw this picture today, and is SCREAMED at me!  I am doing some work on myself to help with my body image issues.  I just started working with Dr Macayla Sarno, and this program feels like it may finally be “the thing” that is going to help me get past this.  I believe in unconditional self love.  Heck, I PREACH it CONSTANTLY!  I refuse to let my friends, students, clients, customers, etc call themselves demeaning names!  But when it comes to myself, even after all the progress I have achieved, I still see an unhealthy, unfit,  nearly 300# woman in my mirror.  And I am not going to lie, it is sometimes hard to be nice to her.

There has been a lot of Body Shaming talk going around lately. Like that dippy broad who thinks she is a comedian that thought her ABOVE AND BEYOND RUDE way of approaching “fat people” was going to make them suddenly realize that they are fat and have lose weight and take care of themselves! Because we all know it is “All about the Twinkie!” RIGHT? 😛 

And the chubby women who see the naturally thin women who if you asked them, would likely say, “I can’t gain weight. I have nutritional deficiencies. OR I can’t build enough muscle to protect my bones to save my life!” But we judge what we don’t know, so we tell them to, “Go Eat A Sandwich!”
I admit it, I have done this one. It is in all honesty, PURE JEALOUSY that I have never been able to get and stay thin in my entire life!

And don’t get me wrong, at this moment, I am not fat shaming myself, because I am finally “getting it”! Sure, I am a little “fluffier” than I would like to be right now, but I am fit, and I am happy, and I am healthier than I have ever been in my life! Did I ever tell you that at 14 years old, I went to a Free Cholesterol Screening with my Mom, and mine was exactly 200?!?

Back to my point!

We need to get past this body shaming! Of each other, yes! But even more importantly, of OURSELVES! You are the only person you live with 24 hours a day! You NEED to be your biggest cheerleader! Being the hateful, negative voice in your head, blocks you from allowing love, positivity, and sharing that you would otherwise do freely, if only you could see all the beauty that your insides leak out onto your outsides! That is what other people see!

They don’t see the muffin top. They don’t see the jiggly thighs. They don’t see the loose skin, stretch marks, or scars left over from a life of fighting hard to be your best you!

So stop telling yourself lies!  Stop being mean to the person that you should love the most!  This is the body you were given.  Take as good of care of it as you can.  Flaws and all!  It is the differences that make us unique.  It is the differences that make you YOU!

Be your best friend!

Love You!

MAKE today GREAT!!!

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Who is Body By BrendaT, and WHY Beachbody???

This post is LONG overdue!

I have had family and friends say to me over the past year and a half, “Why are you trying to make money off of Beachbody when you yourself did not really use their programs and Shakeology to lose your weight?  It seems like a lie!”

OK…here is the answer.

If I said, “Do you know Brenda Turnbaugh from Quincy, IL?”, about 500 people either personally or simply by association would say yes.  Of those 500 how many do you think REALLY know me and know about my life and weight loss transformation?  And of those few people, how many do you think would pay me to help them with their health and fitness journey?  I tried that route, and I KNOW this answer.  It is remarkably close to ZERO!  No one was willing to pay for what I know from my experience.  And even now, look at my Zumba classes….I only charge $10 a MONTH for 3 classes a week!  Why?  Because I want to make it affordable for people who will not spend money on themselves, because I want to help those people too!  But also, because people don’t know who I am, and I have struggled with the confidence of thinking I am VALUABLE enough to charge more.  I thought I needed to make a name for myself first.~Those of you in my Zumba class at Legacy Martial Arts, don’t let this post scare you, I have no plans to raise rates any time soon, but I have finally realized that you all are getting me for a bargain! 😉

But, it is not enough.  I consistently only have about 10-12 monthly students, and after paying fees, buying music, and paying for continuing education, not to mention my time, I am not even breaking even.  But I REALLY want to make my passion my LIFE!  I want to work in the fitness industry so bad I can taste it!  I think about it constantly.  I am by nature, an introvert. Yes, to those who know me, they are always surprised that I am a shy person who fears speaking up because I am not real sure anyone will even listen to what I have to say.  And in my experience over the last 5 years of trying to help people with their fitness and nutrition, I would say I was right.  I have designed workouts, I have given people nutrition advice, I have done the research into programs and products and many, ok most, don’t follow through.  Sure, I do realize that no one can make lasting changes until they themselves are truly ready, but I began to question if what worked for me really would work for others in my life.  But then I realized, that those whom I was trying to help did not see the value in what I was offering, because I was so unsure of myself, that I came off as not confident in the information I was passing along.  So, if I lead people to think that I don’t think I am valuable, then why should they value me and the information I have to pass along?

So…I did my research.  I checked it all out.  I became a human guinea pig!  Over the last 2-3 years, I have destroyed myself by using every shake, pill, workout program, nutrition program, and goofy fad diet I could throw money at.  Where do I keep going back to?  What has been the only constant that made me feel good not only about myself, but about their products?  Beachbody and Shakeology!  The Beachbody programs are tried and true and have the best trainers and supporting fitness and nutritional staff to be found in the business in my personal opinion.  So why wouldn’t I partner up with them?  And Shakeology?  Well, if you follow me on Facebook, you know how I feel about it, and what it has done for both me AND my husband’s health!  If you don’t, please ask!  I LOVE talking about this stuff! 🙂

So why the sudden need for this post?  Well, I have a few friends who really “show up” when it comes to supporting my dreams, and an instance of that amce up last week, when my friend Stace, of, posted the following collage.  It got 866 LIKES on his Facebook page!  866!   So I feel now is the time to take advantage of his kindness to help promote me and my personal brand and commit to making my passion my life.  Because, as Gary Vaynerchuk says in “Crush It”, “If you are already looking forward to 5 o’clock Friday the second you roll out of bed on Monday, you are not living YOUR life!”  Well, I am 43 years old, and life is too precious a gift to waste.  It is time to live MY life!kickpic collage

So, it is now official!

I am in business for myself and I plan to make health and fitness my LIFE!  Taking this leap of faith to LIVE my PASSION is the scariest thing I have ever done.  And if you know anything aobut my life, you know that is saying something.  But, I am putting my trust in ME and in the fact that I made a wise choice in choosing the amazing company, Beachbody, to partner with!  They supply the products, I supply the coaching, the support, and the motivation and inspiration to help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

And if you too are looking for a way to financial freedom through a business of your own where you get to help people reach for their goals, I would LOVE to have you on my team.  Our team is growing and it is AMAZING!  I could not have asked for better people to learn from and who helped me realize that I truly am worthy of PURE HAPPINESS!  And I look forward to paying that kindness forward and helping others see that in themselves.

Is now YOUR time?

If so, and you are ready to feed off of my passion and take a leap of faith in yourself and finally take control over your health and fitness, and even your finances if you should so choose, contact me so we can get started today!

My Life as a Beachbody Coach

lobe being a bb coach

In January 2013, a very nice guy named, Jeremy, who was a friend of mine on Facebook that I met actually through following his Mom, Sandi Krakowski, to learn more about blogging, started talking to me about Shakeology and Beachbody.  He was fairly new to the business, but was working on losing weight himself at the time, and was having amazing results with Shakeology and P90X.  I wasn’t really thinking I wanted P90X, but when I found Les Mills COMBAT on his site, I WANTED IT!  And I was very into improving my nutrition, and after adding up all the supplements that Shakeology was going to replace, the $130 price tag was actually a LOT LESS than what I was spending at the time.  Then, Jeremy told me about Coaching and that I could get a 25% discount and had the opportunity to actually build a business with it.  OK…if you know me, you know I am…well…let’s call it “frugal” 😉  So with the money I was actually going to be saving monthly, I was IN!

I know it often surprises people, but I am actually kind of a shy introvert who does not get out much.  I am a homebody.  Which is another reason that the Home DVD programs were of huge interest to me.  Sure, I liked going to the gym, but I never talked to many people.  I was there to WORK, not chit chat, and people who were there just to talk while they put in their “time”, were just hindering me from getting my work done so I could get back to my home and my life.  So yeah, working out at home sounded pretty good to me 🙂  So on February 16th, I placed my order.  Needless to say, I have NOT regretted that decision.

Since starting with Beachbody, I have made so many like minded fitness friends.  And have found an amazing accountability group for both my fitness AND my business.  I have also learned a lot about myself and how to improve from all of the personal development that Beachbody offers and my team has introduced me to.  THAT in itself was worth becoming a coach, since I struggled with self-worth and self-worth all my life.  And most importantly, I have been able to reach more people than I ever thought possible through Social Media and helped them start, or take the next step, on their journey to health and fitness. For years, I was an obese, beer swilling, chain smoking, couch potato, and at 37, I made the decision to make a change my life and become healthy and fit.  I have inspired a few family members and friends to make the change, and I love that!  And the fact that with Beachbody I am getting to meet and introduce MORE people to health and fitness is AMAZING!  You never know who YOU can inspire to change their life for the better!


So, if you are just looking to get in shape and be a customer using Beachbody programs and Shakeology, that is AWESOME!  But, if you are interested getting the 25% discount on your monthly Shakeology AND all future Beachbody programs, OR if you are interested in building a business either making it full-time of part-time to earn some extra money, I would LOVE to have you as part of my team!  Message me on Facebook or email me at and I would love to get you started today!  Either as a Discount Coach or as a Business Building Machine, you are welcome to take part in all of the same opportunities I have to learn from the wonderful teams I belong to.  PLUS, the discounts,the trips and eve the chance to earn FREE trips, the webinars, the PD.  It is all worth it! 🙂

Last Day of 30-Days To a More Confident You!

I can’t believe this is our LAST Confidence Builder! This month has just flown by! Looking for ideas to tackle next, anyone have any ideas they would like me to ponder, let me know. But for now, let’s get to it!

30-Days To a More Confident You!

Day 30 – Imagine The BEST!

The BEST? By this, I mean YOUR BEST! What does YOUR BEST look like to you? What does that even MEAN to you?

For me personally, I ask “WHAT do I WANT my life to look like?” What would make me feel happy and secure? What would be MY best life? I try to imagine it as if it has already happened. Like my BEST life IS my present life!

I am more happily married to Tony than ever!
I help people every day improve their lives.
I get to share my story to inspire others.
I am confident!
I have enough money to be happily secure and don’t have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck anymore.
Tony is retired and enjoys his life not having to work SO hard!
I have time to spend with Tony and all of our Furkids.
I have the time and freedom to work in my yard and flower and vegetable gardens more often, because that is where I feel most at peace and closest to God.
I get to teach classes to people who enjoy fitness as much as I do.
I am lean and fit and in the very best shape of my life!
I am a certified personal trainer.
I am more knowledgeable about nutrition.
I have a beautiful home with room either inside or in a separate building for a full gym where I can both train and teach classes.
I no longer struggle with bouts of abusing food to numb my emotions and stress.

I know I am leaving things out, but these are the things that I have in my heart and mind right now. I love my life now! But I know there are GREAT things in store for me and if I keep working hard and BELIEVE, all my dreams WILL come true!

In the “Comments”section, tell me what YOUR BEST LIFE looks like to you!

DREAM BIG! You are worth it! Your BEST life CAN be yours!
believeHead UP! Shoulders BACK! Smile ON! Now get out there and take on the world!!!


The people I have met on my journey to a healthier me has been one of the biggest blessings I could have ever asked for!  My Foxy Ladies that I met on BLC and still talk to some daily, the friends I made in the few short months that I was on Jillian Michael’s site and still talk to at least once a week, the great people that I met in the run club, the wonderful Fitness Family I have become a part of at Legacy Martial Arts and the whole martial arts world through KickPics, fabulously fun Zumba Friends, the people I am meeting and even old friends I am getting reacquainted with through my Body By Brenda blog, Facebook page, Twitter, and other social media, and now my new Beachbody Family!  ALL of them are special to me and have such a special place in my heart.  Each of them brought me a little further out of my shell, and have helped me grow in ways I never thought were possible for me.

I am now on the edge of a cliff.  The hang glider is attached to my back, and I am ready for the ride of my life.  I just have to get the gumption up to JUMP!  Have faith in myself and faith in God that I have the courage and self-confidence to be the inspiration, the helping hand, the motivator, the coach, the friend, the whatever it is that I need to be to help the most people in this world find their way to health and fitness.  It is a passion that grows inside me more each day.

I have gotten so many sincere, heart-felt encouraging words from so many people the last few months, as I struggle to get past this injury-fest that my body seems to be on.   My confidence is building even as I struggle.  I am working to be the best I can be!  I have been “on track” for 3 days now, and I am feeling AWESOME!  Not that the pain is all gone, but in my heart, I feel that my goals are NOT out of reach, in fact, they are MY PURPOSE!

So today is a beautiful, sunny, HOT day here in the Midwest, and I could not feel happier, more content, or more confident in ME than I do right now!  I pray that it lasts, but I know it is going to take MY hard work along with God’s blessings to get the job done!  If you are not following me on Facebook yet, please go to Body By Brenda to follow along with the 30-Days To a More Confident You! Challenge that I am putting myself through.  I challenge you to come along on this journey with me.  I am only on day 3, and the posts are all there for you to reflect back to.

This kind of fit in with today’s Challenge post.

happy lifeI know with my recent struggles, some people were even worried that I may be giving up on my dreams and goals all together.  No worries there!  I KNOW I can get where I want to be.  I am just more of a “toe dipper” than a “jump in all at once” type of person!  It doesn’t really matter HOW you get there, but GET IN THE WATER!!!


MAKE today GREAT!!!

Maintenance Confessional Time!

I am here!  I have not disappeared into the night!  LOL!

I know I should talk about it more, because it may help some of you to know that even though I have been successful in weight loss, I do still have times of struggle.  And 2013 so far has been one HUGE struggle after another for me.  Started it with an infected tooth, then got sick.  Finally started to feel better and was trying to get back training for my half marathon in April, but I was dealing with a bit of depression.  I just wasn’t sure WHAT exactly I wanted to do with my life right now.  I had BIG dreams of making “Body By BrendaT” into an online coaching business, but I had started to doubt myself and gave it up.

Then, when I did run that Half Marathon in April, I ended up injured, and ever since has been one disaster after another.  In the mean time though, I had joined Beachbody as a coach, and although I struggle finding my “niche” there, I have been introduced to some AWESOME people, and have found more personal development support through my team of coaches than I ever thought possible.  My personal coach is Jeremy Krakowski, who is Sandi Krakowski’s son.  And if you are a woman in business(a man too for that matter) and don’t know about the Krakowski’s and their business A Real Change (, PLEASE do yourself a favor and check them out and follow Sandi on Facebook!  She is AMAZING!

Anyway, back to Jeremy.  He is a very inspiring young man who has really turned his life around in the last year or so, and is just absolutely flourishing.  In both business AND his personal life!  Yet even as I have watched him doing all of this, I could not get myself back in MY “groove”.

The injuries were stacking up and getting me down!  And even though I tried to work around my injuries and get in my workouts, I was turning to my old friend for comfort.  FOOD!  3 weeks ago, I weighed in at the heaviest I have weighed in about 3.5 years.  I knew it was getting bad, because my clothes were getting really tight, but the scale actually read 176#!  I was MORTIFIED!!!  I had gained 15# since the beginning of the year.  I knew I had to do something, so I decided to go back and start working on MY dream.  I decided to start a 12-week challenge on Facebook for summer, to test my workouts and my coaching style on others and see if it helped them as much as it helped me.   We are only on day 5, but so far it is going pretty well.  Lots of engaged people and I am loving their feedback and watching them support each other on the Private Facebook Group.

So, I have buckled down, and decided it is time to take my life back and NOT let the old me take over completely!  I am back to eating about 90% clean, and working out WITH my Challenge participants, plus taking FIT classes at Legacy Martial Arts, and teaching Zumba there 2 nights a week.  And this morning, I was back down to 167#(which is the top of the range where I have hovered for the last 3 years), and starting to feel better about myself.

BUT…I also got some AWESOME yet SCARY news this week.  Those of you who follow me on Facebook, know how much I adore my buddy Stace Sanchez, who is the owner/photographer for KickPics Professional Martial Arts Photography whom I met last year through my instructor My Robert Bentley at Legacy Martial Arts…well….I found out he is coming to town a full month earlier than I thought he was this summer and will be here July 29th!  I am SO excited to see him and have him take pics again, but I want to be “ready” for him!  So I have a LOT of work to do over the next 6 weeks.

So, I plan to take some selfies again this weekend, and then I will show you what I plan to be an AWESOME transformation in just 6 weeks!  They say muscle has memory, and I am counting on it! 🙂  LOL!  I know I can’t get to where I had wanted to be in that amount of time, but with some hard work, I know I can be better in six weeks than I am today!  And by the end of the B3T 12-week Summer Challenge, I will be even closer!   I am back to enjoying the journey, not just racing to the destination!

I am so blessed to have so many people believe in me even when I struggle to believe in myself.  And I am more than happy to be that for anyone else who needs a cheerleader in their life who KNOWS it is possible and will help in any way I can.  I post daily on Facebook at Body By Brenda.  Please come join me for some inspiration, motivation, and encouragement.

Don’t wait for the timing to be perfect, because it will never happen.


This is one of my favorites of the pics Stace of me last year.