BE Unapologetically YOU!


And how do we get good at things?

We practice them over and over.

I needed this today! Not only in my life and with my health to continue to develop good habits that will serve the lifestyle that I desire, but in business. I believe that Beachbody and Shakeology can help everyone on their journey, whether it be in fitness, nutrition, or if they are working towards financial freedom, OR all 3 like me!

I also procrastinate out of fear!  I fear that what others have told me, and what I have let the little “Doubting Thomas” living in my head tell me, is really true.  BUT, I now see that I need to start seeing MY truth.  I need to get used to the fact that I AM a leader and that I am the CEO of Body By Brenda! I have lived much of my life small and hiding in the back of the room.

stand out

I have let what other people thought me and said to me to rule what I thought of and said to myself.  I let their opinions of me be MY reality.  You know what?  I am done letting negative people and their negativity rule my life!

what people think of me

Am I Right? 🙂


I AM a good Coach!  I HAVE changed my life!  I AM a growing leader!  I AM going to live my passion!  And I AM going to DREAM BIG and chase those dreams down and make them my life!

The doubters and naysayers can either come with me, or I will leave them behind.  It is time to BE Unapologetically ME!  And drown out the versions of me that other people think I should be, and that I have been trying to be, with who I truly AM.


And just think what we could do together!

Join me—>  Body By Brenda’s Beachbody Team

I WILL make Excellence a habit!

excellence habit

My Life as a Beachbody Coach

lobe being a bb coach

In January 2013, a very nice guy named, Jeremy, who was a friend of mine on Facebook that I met actually through following his Mom, Sandi Krakowski, to learn more about blogging, started talking to me about Shakeology and Beachbody.  He was fairly new to the business, but was working on losing weight himself at the time, and was having amazing results with Shakeology and P90X.  I wasn’t really thinking I wanted P90X, but when I found Les Mills COMBAT on his site, I WANTED IT!  And I was very into improving my nutrition, and after adding up all the supplements that Shakeology was going to replace, the $130 price tag was actually a LOT LESS than what I was spending at the time.  Then, Jeremy told me about Coaching and that I could get a 25% discount and had the opportunity to actually build a business with it.  OK…if you know me, you know I am…well…let’s call it “frugal” 😉  So with the money I was actually going to be saving monthly, I was IN!

I know it often surprises people, but I am actually kind of a shy introvert who does not get out much.  I am a homebody.  Which is another reason that the Home DVD programs were of huge interest to me.  Sure, I liked going to the gym, but I never talked to many people.  I was there to WORK, not chit chat, and people who were there just to talk while they put in their “time”, were just hindering me from getting my work done so I could get back to my home and my life.  So yeah, working out at home sounded pretty good to me 🙂  So on February 16th, I placed my order.  Needless to say, I have NOT regretted that decision.

Since starting with Beachbody, I have made so many like minded fitness friends.  And have found an amazing accountability group for both my fitness AND my business.  I have also learned a lot about myself and how to improve from all of the personal development that Beachbody offers and my team has introduced me to.  THAT in itself was worth becoming a coach, since I struggled with self-worth and self-worth all my life.  And most importantly, I have been able to reach more people than I ever thought possible through Social Media and helped them start, or take the next step, on their journey to health and fitness. For years, I was an obese, beer swilling, chain smoking, couch potato, and at 37, I made the decision to make a change my life and become healthy and fit.  I have inspired a few family members and friends to make the change, and I love that!  And the fact that with Beachbody I am getting to meet and introduce MORE people to health and fitness is AMAZING!  You never know who YOU can inspire to change their life for the better!


So, if you are just looking to get in shape and be a customer using Beachbody programs and Shakeology, that is AWESOME!  But, if you are interested getting the 25% discount on your monthly Shakeology AND all future Beachbody programs, OR if you are interested in building a business either making it full-time of part-time to earn some extra money, I would LOVE to have you as part of my team!  Message me on Facebook or email me at and I would love to get you started today!  Either as a Discount Coach or as a Business Building Machine, you are welcome to take part in all of the same opportunities I have to learn from the wonderful teams I belong to.  PLUS, the discounts,the trips and eve the chance to earn FREE trips, the webinars, the PD.  It is all worth it! 🙂

Feeding America!

Some of you will remember this, but those of you who had no idea who I was 3 years ago, the following video is from my National television debut! 🙂  LOL!  I was chosen by The Biggest Loser Club Online to be featured in one in a cross promotion for their website and the Feeding America/Biggest Loser, Pound For Pound Challenge.  They came to my small town and worked with me, our local clinic, Quincy Medical Group, JACKIE JOYNER KERSEE, and our local Salvation Army Food Bank.


It was an honor to work with Feeding America back then, and I am happy to say that I am going to get a chance to work with them again through Beachbody!

“****1 in 8 Americans are struggling with HUNGER****. This is why Team Beachbody is teaming up to help support and give back. For any of you who are out there and happen to see this post we are asking of your support and help in Feeding America!
We have a GOAL to donate ONE MILLION dollars to the “Feeding America” organization. This is how it will work. Every time one of YOU purchases Shakeology® on Home Direct or chooses a Challenge Pack we will donate ($10 for shakeology) & ($20 for a challenge pack) to help feed the hungry. Please let me know so that we can keep a running tally of donations. We BELIEVE we can make a huge impact and it’s an honor to take part in this cause.”  

You can message me individually or you can choose your challenge pack here —-> Give and Receive Beachbody Promotion

Here is a short video with more info.


For those of you who do not follow me on Facebook, I kind of went on a rant today about excuses!  I know in this biz, you get them all day every day, but for some reason, I snapped this morning!

Excuses are just walls that one builds that actually KEEP you from the success you desire.  I know this, because I have them too!  I am SO SCARED of the next step in my life, that I am sabotaging myself!  I am frustrated with my injuries, and I am not doing all I CAN do to keep myself in shape while I heal.  Which in turn makes me feel like I am not “good enough” to help others get started on their journey to health.  Well, I KNOW in my heart that statement is simply NOT TRUE!  I want to help the WHOLE WORLD get healthy.  I just need to continue to find places to get my voice heard!

I write this blog.  I am on Facebook, Twitter, IG, Google+, etc…  And I am even a Beachbody Coach so I can help people by getting them the tools that will work for them on their health journey so they can be successful.  But I still don’t feel I am reaching near the audience I should be.

So, that leads me to my next adventures.  First, when the Body By Brenda 2013 Summer Challenge on Facebook is over, I will start working on the e-book ASAP!  Actually, I already have started, but I need to fine tune some things, get MY whole story written and proofed, add pics, and hopefully a few testimonials from the Challenge participants.

Second, I am starting a Beachbody Challenge with the new Focus T25 workout on August 5th!  If you have worked out with me, you KNOW that I love fast-paced workouts, similar to Tabata and/or Circuit Style, so I am VERY excited to try Shaun T’s latest creation!  If you would like to be a part of this challenge, FIRST you need to purchase the Challenge Pack here  T25 Challenge Pack.  NEXT, commit to 10 weeks of supporting each other on a Facebook Group through the whole program!  Then go find me on Facebook at Body By Brenda.  Like the page either way, but if you are interested in joining the Challenge, send me a message so I can get  you added to the group.  If you wish to become a Coach yourself, so you can inspire and help others to get fit and healthy, ask me how!  We would love you to be part of my coaching team, The Crew!t25pic***BTW, this program has been VERY popular since its release 3 weeks ago.  Shipping is being delayed due to the volume, so if you want to be part of this Challenge, please make sure you order ASAP!  Thanks~B3T