Failed Again!?!


It has been brought to my attention by someone other than myself that I am too fat to wear fitted clothes right now!  WOW!  That one hit me right between the eyes.  BUT, I needed to hear it!  I have let the stress of life take me over for far too long.  Then last week, I took a Stay-cation and did very little moving, while eating whatever the heck I wanted.  Well, the results of all of this negative activity is showing up in a broader booty and waistline. 😦

So, as I struggle to get back on the right path, I feel like it is time to once again share my WHY with the world.  My WHY’s for getting healthy and fit are mainly selfish.  First and foremost, I really want to be HOT!  I know, I know….  How shallow, right?  But have you ever been the “ugly duckling”?  If you have, then you know where I am coming from.  I also want to feel AMAZING in any clothes I want to wear.  Now, I know that I am never going to look like Kate Upton in a bikini, but I am NOT Kate Upton!  I am Brenda Turnbaugh!  And being MY very best is good enough for me!  That may be a size 8/10, that may be a size 4/6, but whatever it is, as long as I know in my heart that I am giving MY life, MY VERY VERY BEST EFFORT, I am going to be OK with it!

But recently I have felt like a 100% FAILURE!  As a fitness coach, as a fitness instructor, as a role model, and even as as a person.  I realize now that none of that is true!  We all have trying times in our lives that we have to work through and get past.  But you live it, deal with it, dig deep to find your strength to move on, and never give up

So I am a little “fluffy” right now!  You know what?  FAILURES HAPPEN!  LIFE HAPPENS!


Yes, I have some weight to lose.

Yes, I am back up to a number on the scale that I NEVER wanted to see again.

And, Yes, I feel pretty “blah” about how I look and feel right now.

But I am working on forgiving myself for letting it get out of hand, and putting the stress, guilt, self-destruction, and self-sabatoge behind me!  Honestly, what other choice do I have?



So, I know how to lose weight.  I know how to keep 100+ pounds off for 5 years.  Now I just need to figure out how to succeed at doing it longer.  I am not worried.  I’ve met me! 🙂  And I know of my determination and enthusiasm to succeed and help others succeed in this battle against obesity! 🙂

winston churchill


Next week, I start the next chapter of my story, by starting Shaun T’s Focus T25 and dedicating more time to my own fitness and nutrition program again.  I am very excited for the next 10 weeks, and would love for any of you to join in for support and accountability!

Go to my Home Page at and fill out the form.  Then send me an email at telling me you are done with it, and I will help you get you started TODAY!!! 🙂

Strange Observations on My Journey to Success

I always thought “things” were the biggest sign of success.  I have found that to be FAR from the truth!  I have had some people say some amazingly nice things about me over the past year.  And I am actually starting to believe some of them 🙂  But knowing that I am helping people who found something in me that they had been needing in their lives makes me feel so humbled and makes my heart swell with love.success

But sometimes, a sign of success comes in STRANGE packages!

Let me tell you about something I observed today.

I am almost 44 years old! That was my MIND BOGGLING observation a few days ago 😛  But let’s move on!

Today, I think it is odd that I made it to 43 years of age thinking that bed sheets are bed sheets. I honestly don’t think I have ever paid more than probably $35 for a set of sheets, and that was on sale and what I thought were a REALLY GOOD SET! Last weekend, while at Sam’s Club, I saw that they had Egyptian Cotton 600 thread count sheets ON SALE for like $69! I was like WTH?!?!?!?
But we really needed a new set of sheets. The thin little piece of elastic on the corners of the fitted sheet were getting pretty worn out, AND they are the only set I have left and have been using them for well over 2 years!!!

Well, my Beachbody Income is well over $500 this month, so I decided to get them! Between my FT job, Zumba, and Beachbody, I work anywhere from12-18 hours a day, and thought….MAYBE I deserve to have a nice comfy place to sleep for the few hours I actually get! 😉 So I bought them. I had just washed the sheets, so I got around to putting the new ones on today.

JUST WOW! I honestly always just thought that when you bought expensive sheets you were basically paying for a name, or just the extra thread at the very least! They are SO MUCH MORE! I was going to take a picture, but I don’t think it would even do them justice! They are a beautiful chocolate brown with the sateen look going opposite direction about every 3/4 of an inch. They are big enough to fully COVER our dual pillow top mattress and a 2″ memory foam topper with at least 18″ overhang on each side and 24″ at the bottom so I got to tuck in plenty enough to not come out EVERY night!
And the fitted sheet? it wraps UNDER the mattress by a FOOT, AND the elastic goes all the way around and is an inch wide!
Then we get to the 4 Pillow Cases! Yes, all 4 of my pillow cases will actually match for the first time I think ever. And inside of each pillow case is a pocket to keep the pillow from coming out! WHAT IS THAT??? AMAZING! That is what that is! 🙂

Now we get to how they feel against my skin. I have never felt anything like it! I thought the sheets at the MGM were the best ever, and I was hoping these would compare. They are BETTER! Soft. Inviting. Luxurious.

So at the end of the day, when I can’t possibly reconcile one more insurance EOB, help one more person, add one more number, write one more blog, pay one more bill, do one more workout, choreograph one more song, or even clean one more thing in my house, I know I will have that beautiful chocolate cloud to go to sleep in.

So, with all that said, I have to reiterate that I LOVE BEING A BEACHBODY COACH! I am still far from where I know I am going to go in this business. I mean seriously??? I get to help people improve their health and fitness and get PAID for it!!!

If you would like to come along on this adventure with me, I would LOVE to have you on my team. Maybe buying soft, fancy sheets isn’t a goal in your life, but think about it….if you had an extra $500 a month, what would you do with it.

I know my style, my personality, my “way” may not for everyone.  But if you are willing to put forth the effort to make a REAL lifestyle change and do AMAZING workouts and eat a balanced nutritious diet including what is in my opinion to be the very best meal replacement dense nutrition shake ever made, contact me, and I will be here to help you as much as I can.

So, if you want more information, are ready to jump on board and join my team, or if you are looking for help to reach your personal health and fitness goals, please feel free to reach out to me.  Because I would love to help you.

dream big think small

YOU have the power.

MAKE today GREAT!!!

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I know many of you who follow me here on my blog, or on FB, or on IG, don’t always follow me in other social media, so I wanted to share my FB thoughts in a blog post this morning.  I feel it is an important topic for us all to remember.  After I wrote it this morning, I was listening to the audiobook of “Go For NO!” by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, on my way to work, and it confirmed the thoughts running through my head.

I have had some massive failures over the past six years.  And I got to thinking that it is funny how most people from the outside only see my success of losing and keeping off over 100#!  But the truth of it is, that it has not been easy, and many BIG failures have been a HUGE part of the successes that followed.

So here is the FB post from my Body By Brenda page.~


As most of you know, I have been fighting some of my old demons for quite some time. Binge eating and a bit of self-loathing But on the plus side, I HAVE been fighting them! I have been taking proactive steps to find out the core reasons WHY I am letting these demons sneak back into my life.

THAT is itself is progress!

In the past I would have just let the demons take over without a fight. But I CHOOSE to fight for my success. I CHOOSE each day to make the effort to MAKE my life better!

I fell asleep thinking about this, and woke this morning with these thoughts running through my head. And I know where it comes from. It is directly from all of the positive Personal Development I have been introduced to as a Beachbody Coach. Another day to work towards my DREAM of being both a healthy role model and financially free!

Here is what I jotted down as soon as I got out of bed today.

I Failed Today
by Brenda Turnbaugh

I Failed Today
I am not sure why
Sometimes I wonder
Why do I try?

I Failed Today
I tried to grow
But at times I think…
Will I ever Go Pro?

I Failed Today
The fat I must keep trimming
Time to think like Dory
Just Keep Swimming!

I Failed Today
Yeah It seems quite the mess
But that is what happens when
You fail your way to Success!!!!

Fail, Learn, Succeed!
See You At The Top!!!


I hope it helps you remember that EVERY day is not a success.  In fact, MANY days are not successes.  Especially in the beginning of a journey.  Cut yourself some slack.  Realize that failure is just part of the journey to massive success, and embrace it!  You know what they say…..

road to success


MAKE today GREAT!!!!



Round 1…DONE!

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed when I found out Beachbody was coming out with a program called the 21 Day Fix!   Because starting out in September 2008, if I heard 21 Day Fix, I may have thought, “WOW!  In 21 Days, my obesity will be cured!”  I know better now, and have, as a Beachbody Coach, hopefully made sure that my customers know that it is a tool.  A VERY GOOD tool, but a new lifestyle does not just appear at the end of the 21 days.  But at the end of that 21 days, you WILL be well on your way to a permanent solution to solving all of your nutrition and exercising(or NON-exercising) bad habits.

I am writing this post to show MY results of my first round of the 21 Day Fix.  But first a bit of a back story on my last year.

In 2010, I weighed 150#.  Over the next 2 years, I worked my tail off to put on 10-12# of muscle.  In 2012, my weight fluctuated from 157-162#, and looked better than I ever had in my life.  I maintained that until January of 2013.  I had multiple dental issues and then got sick from the infection they caused.  I felt like garbage for a long time, had some personal issues going on, and started a new BAD habit of procrastination snacking!  This could have proved to have been my downfall.  Over the last year, I have fluctuated up and down from 169-180#!  I just could not seem to get my nutrition back on track.  I knew portion control was one of my biggest issues, and I really struggle with logging my food.  But 21 Day Fix offered me a new system of doing BOTH of those things that FINALLY worked for me!

I finished up Round One Yesterday, admittedly with a few slip ups that threw me off track, but here are my results.

3pic21dfresults31614with statsI may not be where I want to be yet, but I am a LONG way from where I started! 🙂  I am so happy with my results, that I am starting round 2 tomorrow.  I will finish this second round just in time to start my Les Mills Challenge Group on April 7th, and just in time to celebrate my 43rd Birthday!  WOW!  Time certainly does fly, doesn’t it?

If you would like to join my Challenge Group, or would like more info on the 21 Day Fix, message me either through Facebook at Body By Brenda or by email at

MAKE today GREAT!!!


For those of you who do not follow me on Facebook, I kind of went on a rant today about excuses!  I know in this biz, you get them all day every day, but for some reason, I snapped this morning!

Excuses are just walls that one builds that actually KEEP you from the success you desire.  I know this, because I have them too!  I am SO SCARED of the next step in my life, that I am sabotaging myself!  I am frustrated with my injuries, and I am not doing all I CAN do to keep myself in shape while I heal.  Which in turn makes me feel like I am not “good enough” to help others get started on their journey to health.  Well, I KNOW in my heart that statement is simply NOT TRUE!  I want to help the WHOLE WORLD get healthy.  I just need to continue to find places to get my voice heard!

I write this blog.  I am on Facebook, Twitter, IG, Google+, etc…  And I am even a Beachbody Coach so I can help people by getting them the tools that will work for them on their health journey so they can be successful.  But I still don’t feel I am reaching near the audience I should be.

So, that leads me to my next adventures.  First, when the Body By Brenda 2013 Summer Challenge on Facebook is over, I will start working on the e-book ASAP!  Actually, I already have started, but I need to fine tune some things, get MY whole story written and proofed, add pics, and hopefully a few testimonials from the Challenge participants.

Second, I am starting a Beachbody Challenge with the new Focus T25 workout on August 5th!  If you have worked out with me, you KNOW that I love fast-paced workouts, similar to Tabata and/or Circuit Style, so I am VERY excited to try Shaun T’s latest creation!  If you would like to be a part of this challenge, FIRST you need to purchase the Challenge Pack here  T25 Challenge Pack.  NEXT, commit to 10 weeks of supporting each other on a Facebook Group through the whole program!  Then go find me on Facebook at Body By Brenda.  Like the page either way, but if you are interested in joining the Challenge, send me a message so I can get  you added to the group.  If you wish to become a Coach yourself, so you can inspire and help others to get fit and healthy, ask me how!  We would love you to be part of my coaching team, The Crew!t25pic***BTW, this program has been VERY popular since its release 3 weeks ago.  Shipping is being delayed due to the volume, so if you want to be part of this Challenge, please make sure you order ASAP!  Thanks~B3T