Give Up OR Give Thanks?

I just realized that I missed doing yesterday’s Thanks post on my Body By BrendaT Facebook page.
But seeing how Day 24 – Wisdom
and Day 25 – Lesson from a Trial
Both hit me in quite the same place in my heart right now, I decided to do them together as a blog since I knew it would go a little long ūüôā
I am beyond Thankful for the Wisdom that I have learned during the past stressful year and a half. I know it may seem like I harp on it, but some of this is taking me a long time to process, deal with, and get through. My Dad becoming someone I didn’t recognize, to selling my childhood home, where the BEST Mom in the world helped me get through some pretty F’d up Crap!, to watching my Dad slip away and the aftermath of grief, guilt, heartache, stress, and questioning myself time and time and time again, if I handled everything the best that I could. Was there ANYTHING that I didn’t do that would have made things better for him or my family?
But recently, I went through a program, that is helping me realize that I need to just STOP questioning all of that. It is in the past and nothing I can do now will EVER change PAST EVENTS! I am letting my past once again control my present and future! My head is so full of the POSSIBILITY of regrets that I might find if I think of a way that I SHOULD have done something in the past, that I am not letting in all the AMAZING things that will lead me to an even MORE AMAZING future!
I am not saying I am “fixed”. I am still a work in progress on this one, but every step forward is a step in the right direction.
A step I will be taking this weekend, is putting up my Christmas decorations. If you know me, you know that Christmas has ALWAYS been my favorite time of year! I love that people smile just a little bit more, and give just a little extra effort. And I also LOVE the lights, the joy, the brightness that all of my decorations bring to my home.
This year, I have just not “felt” it yet. It feels like something I “have to do”. I don’t have children. I don’t have big parties or gatherings for family and friends, so I don’t have that to worry about. But I have come to the conclusion, that I do need to do it for ME! I love it, and isn’t doing something nice just for me worth it? I think so, and I am hoping it will be another nudge in the right direction towards my healing.
light to darkness
You see, I live right on a busy highway, and hundreds of people have honked or stopped or told me through Facebook or friends that my home at Christmas makes our dark tiny little town a little brighter. So if the brightness of my home can bring a tad bit of joy to someone on their way home from work after an exceptionally CRAPPY day, so that by the time they get home to their family, they are in a better mood, then it was all worth it. Because sharing joy is what makes ME happy! That is why I have continued to smile even though inside, many times recently, I would have rather crawled back under my Rock Bottom Boulder.
So, how does this all fall into my fitness world? ¬†I was cruising along in maintenance having lost well over 125# and keeping it off for 4 years, but in the last 2, I have gained back enough that I am barely a 100# weight loss success story at this point. ¬†I have been struggling to be OK with me. ¬†But you know what I also realized on this journey? ¬†I don’t have to be perfect for anyone to love me! ¬†And if someone IS looking for perfection, then there are a lot of starving fitness models that they can follow. ¬†Me myself, I struggle with emotional eating and days where I just don’t get everything done, so food prep or a workout may suffer!
But I do MY best every day!  And for me, THAT is what most people are looking for.  It is watching me work through my struggles that shows my strength, not just seeing the pics that I feel show me at my best!
So I am Thankful for the wisdom and lessons that this trial period in my life has brought to my life.  I am learning to love me for me, and not just for what I have accomplished.  I am NOT a failure, I just found out that I need to deal with stress and trials a little bit differently if I want to have the future I dream of.
My dreams are big.
My dreams scare me.
My dreams will take a lot of work.
My dreams WILL be my reality!
Show Gratitude and Thanks every day for the blessings in your life!
 Happy-ThanksgivingLove. Peace. And Fitness!

MAKE today GREAT!!!

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Life has been kind of stressful the last couple of months. ¬†I have felt a bit lost. ¬†My fitness has been suffering. ¬†I have had more struggles with depression and feeling down on myself. ¬†I have even started turning to food AND alcohol for comfort. ¬†But the last few weeks, I have been doing some SERIOUS thinking. ¬†I know I have always been kind of wishy washy when it comes to making HARD decisions. ¬†I have always just settled for mediocre in my life. ¬†I have been settling for living the life everyone “expected” me to live. ¬†But then I started answering some HARD questions, and have come to a few conclusions. ¬†And I am DONE!


With what you ask?

Well let me explain, because basically I have decided that it is time to S#!T OR GET OFF THE POT as my beloved Momma used to say!

Around December of 2011, I met a very nice young man named Jeremy, whose mother, Sandi Krakowski, I absolutely adored, on Facebook.  Turns out, he had been struggling with some of the same things I had in the past, and we just began talking about changing for the better.  Also turned out that he was a Beachbody Coach.  We talked a few times about it, but I had really kind of always done things on my own.  But I was starting to think about making a career shift towards health and fitness, but really had NO IDEA what I wanted to do or where to start!

In February 2012 I joined The Crew, which is my Beachbody Coaching Team, as a “Discount Coach”. ¬†To be truthful, The Crew has actually become more like family! ¬†A group of like minded people trying to both keep themselves accountable and support each other in health and fitness, AND help others discover their own potential and reach their goals. ¬†With their suggestions, guidance, and support, I have read books, listened to audios, went to seminars, and even got on a plane to VEGAS to learn more. ¬†But the most important thing I learned, is that I AM worthy of holding my head up high and being confident with the success I have had in the past, and be confident that there is much¬†more success to be had in my future!

However….I still only half believed it. ¬†Could I REALLY make my dreams come true? ¬†Could I REALLY be all that I have dreamed of being? ¬†Could I REALLY be so successful that Tony and I can live an amazing life of freedom? ¬†Could I REALLY have it ALL?

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been weighing my options.  Continue to work hard doing everything and getting no further ahead, or focus just a little more on what I REALLY want and sit down and make the plan to make my future EXACTLY what I have pictured it to be.  And that does not include settling for a life being miserable while sitting behind a desk all day and only enjoying my part time jobs and hobbies at night.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually like my job. ¬†I work for an amazing family oriented company and SSSHHHH!!! don’t tell him, but I even have a pretty amazing boss! ūüėČ

But I have begun to feel like I am drowning¬†there. ¬†Like I am fighting to get to the air that I need to breath, and I just can’t reach the surface. ¬†I feel that it is not what God intended for me. ¬†I am supposed to help people find their potential and live it to its fullest! ¬†And my catalyst to do that is through fitness. ¬†Specifically, as a Beachbody Coach and Zumba/Fitness Instructor.

do what is in your heart!

I have been doing better in my business, but I have really still been treating it like a hobby.  But my Zumba Dance/Fitness classes, my following on line, and even my success story list are all growing almost weekly!

SO…I am DONE being only a “Hobby” Beachbody Coach. ¬†I am truly ready to make this MY LIFE! ¬†And I know this, because I did something so scary to me, that had I not already been sick Monday, would have made me nauseous. ¬†I signed up to go on the Team Beachbody Cruise in March of 2016! ¬†And I could have played it safe and signed up for the cheapest cabin, but I elected to GO FOR IT! ¬†I signed up for an outside room with a balcony! ¬†If now IS the time, then I better¬†go ALL IN! ¬†Because I intend to go on that trip for FREE!


What does this mean for you if you are already on my team as a coach or customer or if you are thinking about becoming my one of my coaches or customers?  SUCCESS IS AROUND THE CORNER!!!  I still have to work my 8 hour day at my job, but my business is going to BOOM in 2015!  And to do that, I have to help MORE people!  Will you be one of them?  Do you want to be the next Beachbody Success Story?

I would LOVE to have you join me!  Message me.  Follow me.  Email me.  However you want to reach me.  I would love to help YOU work towards being YOUR Personal Best, while I am striving to be ALL that I KNOW I CAN BE!


MAKE today GREAT!!!

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