I LOVE Les Mills, and I LOVE E&E!!!

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Thinking about upping the ante for the upcoming Les Mills Challenge Group* I am starting on April 7th….

I messed up my timing on my order, and ended up with too much E&E, which is the BEST all natural Pre-Workout Drink I have ever used. All natural, and NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS OR DYES!

AAAAAACCCKKK!!! That drives me crazy! WHY does everyone want to put sucralose and Red Dyes in EVERYTHING! Both are SO BAD for you!!!
OK…down off my soap box and back to the task at hand! 

If I fill this Challenge Group with a minimum of 5 people by Sunday 3/16/14 at Midnight CDT, I am going to give away a 25 Serving Tub(a $29.96 Value) of E&E to one of the participants! You can get COMBAT or PUMP! Your choice! But you have to act NOW!  Click the pictures to learn more about the corresponding program.

combatMarch sale (1)
So help me fill it up! Commit to the Challenge yourself, and then SHARE the post! GOTTA GET TO 5 BY SUNDAY! Let’s push!!!!

So, if you are on the fence, now is the time. You will get a Free Shaker Cup just for ordering, and if the group fills up, you have a chance to win the E&E!

I LOVE this stuff!

*Details of the April 7th Les Mills Challenge Group:


Commit to doing the Les Mills Program of your choice for 60 days(the last 30 of the PUMP program, you will still have MY support, and by then have made friends in the group and be in my special Les Mills Crew Support Group on Facebook).

Commit to drinking 1 serving of Shakeology EVERY day for the FULL 60 DAYS!!!  This will mean you will be buying a second bag for your second month.  But by then, I just KNOW you will be seeing the benefits and not want to give it up!

Commit to being part of the Facebook Challenge Group and checking in at least 3x’s a week.  The more you reach out and give and receive support, the greater your chance of success!

Submit Before and After Pics and measurements!  You CAN do this privately to just me, but I encourage you to share them with everyone.


Daily support and encouragement through the PRIVATE Facebook Group.

Be here to help you with any questions you may have.

I will commit to helping you as much as YOU commit to helping YOU!  Give it 100%, and I will be there by your side the whole 60 days pushing and encouraging you to do YOUR BEST!

!!!!!!Time to MAKE today the FIRST day of the BEST days of your life!!!!!

Last Day of 30-Days To a More Confident You!

I can’t believe this is our LAST Confidence Builder! This month has just flown by! Looking for ideas to tackle next, anyone have any ideas they would like me to ponder, let me know. But for now, let’s get to it!

30-Days To a More Confident You!

Day 30 – Imagine The BEST!

The BEST? By this, I mean YOUR BEST! What does YOUR BEST look like to you? What does that even MEAN to you?

For me personally, I ask “WHAT do I WANT my life to look like?” What would make me feel happy and secure? What would be MY best life? I try to imagine it as if it has already happened. Like my BEST life IS my present life!

I am more happily married to Tony than ever!
I help people every day improve their lives.
I get to share my story to inspire others.
I am confident!
I have enough money to be happily secure and don’t have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck anymore.
Tony is retired and enjoys his life not having to work SO hard!
I have time to spend with Tony and all of our Furkids.
I have the time and freedom to work in my yard and flower and vegetable gardens more often, because that is where I feel most at peace and closest to God.
I get to teach classes to people who enjoy fitness as much as I do.
I am lean and fit and in the very best shape of my life!
I am a certified personal trainer.
I am more knowledgeable about nutrition.
I have a beautiful home with room either inside or in a separate building for a full gym where I can both train and teach classes.
I no longer struggle with bouts of abusing food to numb my emotions and stress.

I know I am leaving things out, but these are the things that I have in my heart and mind right now. I love my life now! But I know there are GREAT things in store for me and if I keep working hard and BELIEVE, all my dreams WILL come true!

In the “Comments”section, tell me what YOUR BEST LIFE looks like to you!

DREAM BIG! You are worth it! Your BEST life CAN be yours!
believeHead UP! Shoulders BACK! Smile ON! Now get out there and take on the world!!!