Life has been kind of stressful the last couple of months.  I have felt a bit lost.  My fitness has been suffering.  I have had more struggles with depression and feeling down on myself.  I have even started turning to food AND alcohol for comfort.  But the last few weeks, I have been doing some SERIOUS thinking.  I know I have always been kind of wishy washy when it comes to making HARD decisions.  I have always just settled for mediocre in my life.  I have been settling for living the life everyone “expected” me to live.  But then I started answering some HARD questions, and have come to a few conclusions.  And I am DONE!


With what you ask?

Well let me explain, because basically I have decided that it is time to S#!T OR GET OFF THE POT as my beloved Momma used to say!

Around December of 2011, I met a very nice young man named Jeremy, whose mother, Sandi Krakowski, I absolutely adored, on Facebook.  Turns out, he had been struggling with some of the same things I had in the past, and we just began talking about changing for the better.  Also turned out that he was a Beachbody Coach.  We talked a few times about it, but I had really kind of always done things on my own.  But I was starting to think about making a career shift towards health and fitness, but really had NO IDEA what I wanted to do or where to start!

In February 2012 I joined The Crew, which is my Beachbody Coaching Team, as a “Discount Coach”.  To be truthful, The Crew has actually become more like family!  A group of like minded people trying to both keep themselves accountable and support each other in health and fitness, AND help others discover their own potential and reach their goals.  With their suggestions, guidance, and support, I have read books, listened to audios, went to seminars, and even got on a plane to VEGAS to learn more.  But the most important thing I learned, is that I AM worthy of holding my head up high and being confident with the success I have had in the past, and be confident that there is much more success to be had in my future!

However….I still only half believed it.  Could I REALLY make my dreams come true?  Could I REALLY be all that I have dreamed of being?  Could I REALLY be so successful that Tony and I can live an amazing life of freedom?  Could I REALLY have it ALL?

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been weighing my options.  Continue to work hard doing everything and getting no further ahead, or focus just a little more on what I REALLY want and sit down and make the plan to make my future EXACTLY what I have pictured it to be.  And that does not include settling for a life being miserable while sitting behind a desk all day and only enjoying my part time jobs and hobbies at night.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually like my job.  I work for an amazing family oriented company and SSSHHHH!!! don’t tell him, but I even have a pretty amazing boss! 😉

But I have begun to feel like I am drowning there.  Like I am fighting to get to the air that I need to breath, and I just can’t reach the surface.  I feel that it is not what God intended for me.  I am supposed to help people find their potential and live it to its fullest!  And my catalyst to do that is through fitness.  Specifically, as a Beachbody Coach and Zumba/Fitness Instructor.

do what is in your heart!

I have been doing better in my business, but I have really still been treating it like a hobby.  But my Zumba Dance/Fitness classes, my following on line, and even my success story list are all growing almost weekly!

SO…I am DONE being only a “Hobby” Beachbody Coach.  I am truly ready to make this MY LIFE!  And I know this, because I did something so scary to me, that had I not already been sick Monday, would have made me nauseous.  I signed up to go on the Team Beachbody Cruise in March of 2016!  And I could have played it safe and signed up for the cheapest cabin, but I elected to GO FOR IT!  I signed up for an outside room with a balcony!  If now IS the time, then I better go ALL IN!  Because I intend to go on that trip for FREE!


What does this mean for you if you are already on my team as a coach or customer or if you are thinking about becoming my one of my coaches or customers?  SUCCESS IS AROUND THE CORNER!!!  I still have to work my 8 hour day at my job, but my business is going to BOOM in 2015!  And to do that, I have to help MORE people!  Will you be one of them?  Do you want to be the next Beachbody Success Story?

I would LOVE to have you join me!  Message me.  Follow me.  Email me.  However you want to reach me.  I would love to help YOU work towards being YOUR Personal Best, while I am striving to be ALL that I KNOW I CAN BE!


MAKE today GREAT!!!




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1/3 of the Way to Your 2014 Goals?

It’s May already!!!

How did that happen?   2014 is 1/3 of the way gone!  Are you 1/3 of the way to your 2014 goals?  I’M NOT!  Nowhere close!  I just tell people that I am “Under Construction”!

work in progress

I have been “dabbling” too much over the last year or so, and not staying committed to ONE THING!  So, for the next 6 weeks, besides the obvious addition of my FIT and Zumba classes, I am 100% dedicated to Les Mills COMBAT only!  The plan is to be smokin’ HOT by the Beachbody Coach Summit in Vegas in mid-June, so it is time to GET SERIOUS and do what I know works for me, and stop experimenting.

Speaking of Beachbody Coaching….

I will be helping with a Coach Training group starting May 19th!

If you have ever thought about taking advantage of the opportunity to help others WHILE getting in great shape AND make as much money as you are willing to put in the work to achieve, this would be a great time to sign up!  AND, to help you get started, the TurboFire Challenge Pack by Chalene Johnson is on sale this month for an additional $40 OFF the already discounted package price!  That is like buying Shakeology and getting the entire TurboFire System for $10!!!

I would love to have you join our team!  If you are interested, email me directly at bodybybrenda@hotmail.com

Let’s get out there and be our most awesome selves today!  Be worthy of your crown! 🙂

dentist crown

Huh? The Rambling Thoughts that Come AFTER a Migraine

Today I come to you with EVERYTHING and yet NOTHING in my head.

I have not been writing much, because after my wonderful success with 21 Day Fix, LIFE got me!  I once again started “stress snacking”.  I am doing a very well thought out schedule(so as to never be doing TOO MUCH, but still having the variety) hybrid workout of Body Beast workouts for lifting, Les Mills COMBAT, and then working in my Zumba classes and of course, the FIT classes twice a week at Legacy Martial Arts!  So with all of that and working my J.O.B., and Beachbody Coaching, AND then the stress that comes with being the POA of an aging parent who can no longer do anything for himself and having NO CLUE yourself what you are doing, I have fallen into some “comfort food” eating patterns.  I haven’t even been keeping up with my personal journal, and that is usually a BAD sign for me.

After the last 3 days of suffering with the first migraine I have had in 4 years, I realized something needed to change.

I HAVE to work.

I LOVE ZUMBA and working out.  In fact I NEED the workouts to keep me not only healthy physically, but mentally!

Beachbody is MY passion.  It is my way to help others achieve their best selves.

And the stuff with my Dad?  Well, it has to be done.

And I still need time to be a wife and a mom to my furkids!

And don’t forget REST and PLAY!  They ARE important!  – here I go off on a thought….I am reminded of Brene Brown saying in her book, “The Gifts Of Imperfections”, that it is those who PLAY who live life Whole Heartedly!  I want to live my life with my WHOLE heart.  I want to love what I do to the point that it no longer feels like work.  I used to WISH for a life like that.  Well, you see where wishing has gotten me!  Now, I am working on MAKING it happen!  It took WORK to lose 125#!  It took WORK to gain 15# of muscle!  It takes WORK to keep a marriage together through all the changes we have been through over the past 11 years!  But I have done ALL of that!

So what does that mean for me NOW?   Because obviously some things AREN’T working!

NOW, I need to WORK on balance and organizing so I can LIVE MY LIFE of passion!

NOW, I need to find others to join me in my quest to help others live THEIR BEST LIVES!

NOW, I have to learn to delegate some of the things that stress me out!  Tomorrow will be the LAST day that I will be doing certain things “on my own!”  I will learn to ask for help!  I will learn to delegate!  I will MAKE the time for the things that will MAKE my life GREAT!

So, as you see, I am all over the map today.  My head has been in such a fog the last few days with this migraine, that as the fog is clearing, many things are becoming clearer.  Just 24 hours ago, you have no idea how frustrated I was.  Just HOW CLOSE I was to quitting on my dreams.  Things were stacking up against me.  In one week, my business went from closing in on a mile stone to sinking like a rock, to now looking hopeful and flourishing again.  In another situation, I felt like things were being hidden from me and/or done behind my back.  And NOT in my best interest!  But you know what???  Stuff happens!  We just have to remember that EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT, NEED, AND HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR may be just around the next corner.



Maybe this migraine was Gods way of giving my head a reboot.  I’ll take it!  MY miracle is on its way! 🙂


Time to MAKE today GREAT!!!


February 7th ALREADY?!?!?

kind of a big deal


Have you missed me?  2014 started off a little “blah”.   Well, that’s not really accurate.  It started off fantastic!  But I was BUSY!  Then, I got sick.  And I mean SICK!  I had the flu AND Walking Pneumonia!  I, sit down if you are not, I did not work out for 2 weeks!  I tried to do my Zumba class twice, but it did not go well, and I should NOT have been there! 😦  But this past week, I have FINALLY been getting back to normal and I even got to go to FIT and lead a Zumba class last night at Legacy Martial Arts!

I have more to share with you about weekend before I got sick, but I will make a separate post about that later.

This post is really about my drive to work this morning.  I was listening to my personal development like I do every day on my work.  Today happened to be Tony Robbins, and something he said hit me!  I had kind of an epiphany of sorts.

Do you know that I still get REALLY down on myself?  I have been continuing to let the negativity from my past dictate my future.  At times I am REALLY horrible to myself.  I sometimes refer to myself as mean things like, stupid, fat, lazy, and worthless.  I think all of my efforts are for nothing, because how could anyone ever be motivated by me?  Why would anyone ever want to “follow” me?  I am NOTHING special!

But you know what?


I have a passion for health and fitness that I NEED to share!  I OWE it to myself, but moreover, I owe it to anyone who will listen and who wants to join me in my quest to live a healthy lifestyle.  I feel that my passion IS my purpose in life!  If that is why I am here, it is probably time I honor it!

My gift from God is what I am.
My gift to God is what I become!

Why should I not become something GREAT?!?  Don’t we all kind of owe it to Him to do the greatest things we can with what we have been given?

Do you realize that I have lost and kept off over 100#?!?  I don’t often give myself much credit for it, but that is actually something pretty spectacular!  And I did it in a safe and healthy way that is worth sharing with others!

Why wouldn’t people want to do what I do?

I really have nothing special about me that made it easy or more doable for me. I was a 37 year old, disabled, smoking, drunk, who had never been a normal weight for more than a year of her entire adult life. Heck, for that matter, my WHOLE life! I was a FAT baby, a chunky kid, an overweight teen, then I yo-yo’d for a few years until I blew out my back, and ended up disabled, depressed, and completely sedentary which lead me to a self-loathing, miserable middle aged woman! Ok, maybe 37 isn’t really middle aged for most, but at the rate I was living my life, do you REALLY think I was going to see the ripe old age of 80??? I don’t think so!

When I first started my journey, I started with Tony Horton’s 10-Minute Trainer, so it is kind of ironic that I have now come full circle, and am now a Beachbody Coach.  And I can’t think of a better way to share my passion with the world that through helping them find the correct Beachbody program.  And of course, I honestly believe after seeing the wonderful things it has done for my and my husband’s health, I think EVERYONE should be on Shakeology! 🙂

So, when You are ready, I am here and ready to help you on your way by sharing my passion with you!  And maybe one day, you  would even like to join my team and help me, help others!

I look forward to your message!  You know where to find me! 🙂

Body By Brenda Facebook

@bodybybrenda on Twitter and IG


or email me at bodybybrenda@hotmail.com


REST?!?! What’s That?

So how many of you knew EXACTLY what that title meant when you laid eyes on it?   I know some of my running friends are ACUTELY AWARE of what going TOO HARD,  means!  How many of you are guilty of pushing and pushing yourselves until you have NOTHING left to give?  I have been on that ledge MANY times, but I think I was sufficiently HURLED over the edge this week.

My Dad has not been doing well, and Saturday, we almost lost him.  But he is improving and even got to go back to his nursing home last night from the hospital.  Prior to then, I had been “burning the candle at both ends” so to speak for awhile, and not getting proper rest.  I would try to take rest days, but I would just get stressed out and end up doing what I would call “active rest”, but really, I was just pushing myself too hard.  Depending on your way of thinking, either there IS or there ISN’T such a thing as over-training(And to be honest, I do NOT feel that is what was going on with me at all).  But I DO, 100%, fully believe that there is a such thing as UNDER RESTING!  And that is where I have been falling in lately.

Stressing constantly about if I am doing all I can to help all the people who are out there and need or want my help on their fitness journey.  Stressing about making enough money.  Stressing about job security.  Stressing about my Dad.  Stressing about not getting enough rest.  Stressing about the holidays QUICKLY approaching.  I mean….You do realize that Thanksgiving is in 2 DAYS?!?!?  RIGHT?!?!?

But when I could take no more, and I felt the panic attack coming on…You know the ones?  Tightness in the chest.  Can’t breathe.  Head spinning out of control.  Emotions on the scariest roller coaster EVER.  I knew that I had to just take a minute and breath.   And at that moment I took a look at my picture from Saturday with the Girl Scout Daisies, and just HAD to smile and literally LOL!  Because if you can look at that without doing a full belly-laugh, something just isn’t right?

Need a little more help with your smile?

PICTURE THIS -I got the call while I was still in town that my Dad was being rushed to the ER Saturday.  YUP!  I was still dressed like this when I entered the Blessing Hospital Emergency Room!  Talk about some looks!  But maybe I brightened that sick little girl’s day who was waiting to be seen just a little. 🙂  That makes it ALL worth it!

fit to be a princessMy plan is to MAKE time to rest on Thanksgiving one way or another! 🙂  I am even skipping the YMCA Turkey Trot this year 😦  But sometimes you have to do what is right for you over what you really WANT to do.  And for me.  For now.  It is REST!

So make sure you take your rest days.  Better a day off here and there than a week, a month, a year…off later because you get burned out and injured.


From Zumba to Beachbody to Bullying…October is BOOMING!!!

Howdy Ya’All!!!

WOW!  October is shaping up to be a CRAZY busy month!

Starting off with Beachbody putting both the P90X AND P90X2 Combo Packs on sale for the month at $180!  This is a HOT deal!  That is $90 off!!!

p90x_cp_october_promo_header p90x2_cp_october_promo_header

That is like getting P90X or P90X2 for only $50 with the purchase of Shakeology HD!  Plus you get 30 days to try out the Team Beachbody Club membership. PLUS you get me as your coach!  And if you knew what an AWESOME Team of Coaches I belong to and am learning from, you would know JUST how HUGE that is alone!  And I will hook you up with other people doing the P90X programs to help support you, keep you accountable, and cheer you on to success!!!

WHEW!  Sorry, but that sale really has me a bit excited! LOL!  Back to the REST of October.

Starting next Monday, October 14th, through Friday October 18th, I am doing a 5-Day FREE Nutrition Challenge!  I will provide the plan, you just follow it for 5 DAYS!!!  No CRAZY 500 calorie plans, NO CRAZY cleanse or detox, you will EAT!   You will just be eating good foods, clean foods, the RIGHT foods, for 5 DAYS!   I know you will be feeling so AWESOME afterwards, that this is going to Jump Start many of you to the next level on your journey!  Go to my Facebook page Body By Brenda and message me to be added to the PRIVATE Facebook group where everything will take place.


We all know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I have a TON on that, but first, did you also know it is Bullying Prevention Month?  Being in the Martial Arts world, I have gotten to meet SO MANY awesome people who fight bullying every day.  They teach confidence to the bullied and respect to the bully!   Not so they FIGHT, but that they have the confidence and respect in themselves and others to never HAVE to fight.  I had this on my FB page yesterday~

Now back to Breast Cancer Awareness….

As you all know, I am a Zumba instructor, and I teach at one of my favorite places in the world, Legacy Martial Arts, in Quincy, IL.  Every year Mr Robert Bentley does an AMAZING fundraiser called Breaking Boards For A Cure.  This year, it is on October 26th.  Starting at 9AM, we will be doing yoga with our AMAZING Breat Cancer Survivor yoga instructor, Mahala.   After that, the Zumba Party In Pink starts at 10AM.  We only have about 1/2 hour, but I would LOVE to pack the mats with people who just want to help us raise money for Breast Cancer Research and have some FUN!!!  You do NOT have to be a professional dancer to Zumba!  It is supposed to be FUN!!!  It is all donation only.  And remember, I have the bracelets for sale still…$1 each!

I can only ship if you pay S&H, but e-mail me at bodybybrenda@hotmail.com if you are interested.

SO…My little life is getting a little bit fun and exciting right?  Well, it gets better! Yesterday, I was asked to do 2 HOURS of Zumba at the local Girl Scouts Overnight Lock-In!!!  I am SO STINKING EXCITED!!!!  748 girls!  WWWHOOO HOOO!!!!!  OK…it is from 10:30 PM -12:30 AM, but I can handle it.  RIGHT?  LOL!

AND we are going to an AWESOME bonfire and hay rack ride party this month with great friends.  AND my husband’s Birthday is this month. (I LOVE his birthday, because then we are the same age for the next 6 months, so he stops calling me an OLD LADY!  LOL!)

AND THEN…HALLOWEEN!!!  OK…I was a fat kid!  Halloween was like the GREATEST day of the year!  Some things have stuck! 🙂  I still LOVE scary movies, I still LOVE seeing people dressed up in AWESOME costumes, and I still LOVE the excitement and anticipation that you see in each kid as they ring that bell, hold out their treat bag and say “Trick-or-Treat!”

And I can’t close this without mentioning the fact of the beautiful weather and the beautiful changing leaves.  Even my short 20 minute drive along the interstate on my way home has some pretty spots.  I also love running(or in this year’s case, jogging/walking) around my little rural area.

And just in case you don’t follow me on Facebook and missed it, a friend of mine had some T-shirts made for me with my logo on them.  There seems to be some interest in my making some available for sale, so I will also be looking into that! 🙂

Now, get out there and MAKE today GREAT!!!

5 YEARS!?!?!

WOW!  With all that has been going on this week, I almost missed my 5 Year Journey to Fitness Anniversary!

I can not believe it has been 5 years since I started my journey to get healthy.  But more than that, I can’t believe 5 years ago I weighed over 100# MORE than I do right now.  Over the past several months, I have had some trials and ERRORS, but all in all, I am STILL a success story!  I have kept off 100# for almost 4 years now.

I want to take this moment to thank EVERYONE who has supported me, believed in me, and helped me in any way to make my dream of living a healthy lifestyle my REALITY!  I may have done all the work, and put forth all the blood, sweat, and tears, but without you all, I may have given up on myself.  I never felt worthy of having wonderful things in my life.  So I would do anything I could to  make sure I didn’t!  The negativity I used to put into the world, came back on me continuously.  Sure, I had a wonderful husband and family who love me, but I had even pushed and the few friends that I did have away by choosing my negative addictive existence over them.  But along this journey, I have found my way back to enjoying company of people over a toxic lifestyle again.   I have made an effort to make friends who have the same interests as I do.  People who also want to be fit and healthy and live a FULL life.

I admit that am still a bit of homebody, which helps explain why Beachbody was such a great fit for me, but I also treasure my time with my friends and have found a true love in Group Training.  Whether it be teaching or taking Zumba and FIT classes at Legacy Martial Arts or doing the Body By Brenda Workouts in the park.  I love seeing people enjoy fitness and people believing in me enough to allow me to be able to be part of that.

Hard to believe that a person who consumed as much alcohol and Rx pain killers as I did to numb out my life would now be the one who not only celebrates each and every moment of life, but want to help others find their path and do the same.  Speaking of my old vices….it has also been almost 5 years since I had my last cigarette!   Remembering back to September thru December 2008, I was SO determined!  I had failed so many times.  Work hard for a week or so, and then BOOM!  There comes the weekend.  Or a holiday.  Or a party.  Always an excuse to eat bad foods and drink LOTS of alcohol.  Heck, back then, a Tuesday was a good enough reason for that! 😛  My how things have changed.

before during after

Illness and injury have been a big part of this year so far, but I am working to get back on MY schedule.  The one that just “works” for me.  And then I have some new goals in mind.  But first, I am aiming to get back to the girl in this 3rd pic.  I have put on about 18#, and look more like the 2nd one now, but I will NEVER sell myself short!  I know I can do it!  I HAVE DONE IT!  I REFUSE TO GIVE UP!!!

055 - Copy-1

Who’s with me???  Who is NOT willing to put off their BEST SELF any longer?  Who does NOT want to wait until January 1st?  I am starting a new Beachbody ANY PROGRAM Challenge on September 30th.  You must be willing to invest in yourself and commit to the program and group.  One meal or snack replacement each day with Shakeology, and Push Play on your Beachbody program of choice for the duration which it is designed, whether it is one you already own or a Challenge Pack that you buy today.  Contact me on my Facebook Body By Brenda or email me at bodybybrenda@hotmail.com.  OR you can go straight to my site and check out the programs at www.beachbodycoach.com/bodybybrendat .

You don’t need a New Year to resolve to make your life better.  You just need tomorrow.

MAKE today GREAT!!!

30-Days To a More Confident You! Day 24!!!

CRAZY morning on the Turnbaugh “Orphan Kitty” Ranch again! Got to work late so trying to sneak in a quick post!  I am learning ALL KINDS of interesting things about having kitties!  Some are really cool, but some are down right disturbing!  It is early as I write this, so I won’t go into details, but I had to separate them this morning! 😦  I am sad that they have to be alone in their own spaces, but I guess somethings just MUST be done!

Today’s Confidence Builder~

30-Days To a More Confident You!

Day 24 – Take An Impromptu Class!

What a perfect day for this one! I am teaching a slightly shortened Zumba Class tonight at Legacy Martial Arts! So if you have been thinking about trying out a Zumba class, or are afraid you couldn’t make it through a full hour class, TONIGHT IS YOUR NIGHT! We will be cutting it short by about 15 minutes, so I can be cleaned up and out of the building by 9PM! So 8:00-8:45 in the Oak Street Mall!

BUT…if you are not local, consider dropping in on a class! Don’t think about it and stew about it, just GO! Really! Most places will let you take your first class for FREE if you ask, SO ASK!

What kind of classes would you like to do or have you done in the past? If there was something you loved, do it again! Even if you think you are too out of shape, how will you build your endurance back up for it if you don’t try??? And if there is something that you always wanted to try but didn’t have the guts….TODAY is that day! Do not put off enjoying your life for even one more day!

GO OUT and LIVE!!!  Only you can MAKE your days GREAT!!!

Head UP! Shoulders BACK! Smile ON! Now get out there and take on the world!!!

Maintenance Confessional Time!

I am here!  I have not disappeared into the night!  LOL!

I know I should talk about it more, because it may help some of you to know that even though I have been successful in weight loss, I do still have times of struggle.  And 2013 so far has been one HUGE struggle after another for me.  Started it with an infected tooth, then got sick.  Finally started to feel better and was trying to get back training for my half marathon in April, but I was dealing with a bit of depression.  I just wasn’t sure WHAT exactly I wanted to do with my life right now.  I had BIG dreams of making “Body By BrendaT” into an online coaching business, but I had started to doubt myself and gave it up.

Then, when I did run that Half Marathon in April, I ended up injured, and ever since has been one disaster after another.  In the mean time though, I had joined Beachbody as a coach, and although I struggle finding my “niche” there, I have been introduced to some AWESOME people, and have found more personal development support through my team of coaches than I ever thought possible.  My personal coach is Jeremy Krakowski, who is Sandi Krakowski’s son.  And if you are a woman in business(a man too for that matter) and don’t know about the Krakowski’s and their business A Real Change (www.arealchange.com), PLEASE do yourself a favor and check them out and follow Sandi on Facebook!  She is AMAZING!

Anyway, back to Jeremy.  He is a very inspiring young man who has really turned his life around in the last year or so, and is just absolutely flourishing.  In both business AND his personal life!  Yet even as I have watched him doing all of this, I could not get myself back in MY “groove”.

The injuries were stacking up and getting me down!  And even though I tried to work around my injuries and get in my workouts, I was turning to my old friend for comfort.  FOOD!  3 weeks ago, I weighed in at the heaviest I have weighed in about 3.5 years.  I knew it was getting bad, because my clothes were getting really tight, but the scale actually read 176#!  I was MORTIFIED!!!  I had gained 15# since the beginning of the year.  I knew I had to do something, so I decided to go back and start working on MY dream.  I decided to start a 12-week challenge on Facebook for summer, to test my workouts and my coaching style on others and see if it helped them as much as it helped me.   We are only on day 5, but so far it is going pretty well.  Lots of engaged people and I am loving their feedback and watching them support each other on the Private Facebook Group.

So, I have buckled down, and decided it is time to take my life back and NOT let the old me take over completely!  I am back to eating about 90% clean, and working out WITH my Challenge participants, plus taking FIT classes at Legacy Martial Arts, and teaching Zumba there 2 nights a week.  And this morning, I was back down to 167#(which is the top of the range where I have hovered for the last 3 years), and starting to feel better about myself.

BUT…I also got some AWESOME yet SCARY news this week.  Those of you who follow me on Facebook, know how much I adore my buddy Stace Sanchez, who is the owner/photographer for KickPics Professional Martial Arts Photography whom I met last year through my instructor My Robert Bentley at Legacy Martial Arts…well….I found out he is coming to town a full month earlier than I thought he was this summer and will be here July 29th!  I am SO excited to see him and have him take pics again, but I want to be “ready” for him!  So I have a LOT of work to do over the next 6 weeks.

So, I plan to take some selfies again this weekend, and then I will show you what I plan to be an AWESOME transformation in just 6 weeks!  They say muscle has memory, and I am counting on it! 🙂  LOL!  I know I can’t get to where I had wanted to be in that amount of time, but with some hard work, I know I can be better in six weeks than I am today!  And by the end of the B3T 12-week Summer Challenge, I will be even closer!   I am back to enjoying the journey, not just racing to the destination!

I am so blessed to have so many people believe in me even when I struggle to believe in myself.  And I am more than happy to be that for anyone else who needs a cheerleader in their life who KNOWS it is possible and will help in any way I can.  I post daily on Facebook at Body By Brenda.  Please come join me for some inspiration, motivation, and encouragement.

Don’t wait for the timing to be perfect, because it will never happen.


This is one of my favorites of the pics Stace of me last year.



Catching up!

What a whirlwind the last week or so has been.  Mostly good, but unfortunately some bad.

Classes and the BL Challenge at Legacy Martial Arts is going AWESOME!!!  I wish there were more people in not only the martial arts/health/fitness world like Mr Robert Bentley, but in the world in general.  May people are taking advantage of it(the place has been packed for every class all week:), but there are still people in this community that don’t realize exactly what he is trying to give them.  7 weeks of FREE fitness classes that are filled with inspiration and motivation.   Plus the nutrition and other tips that are being given out.  It is such a wonderful thing to be a part of, and I feel blessed.

Me and my personal progress?  UH…not sure exactly what happened(I am guessing it has to do with my body finally working with the GF diet and ridding itself of a lot of inflammation), but I lost nearly 6# last week.  I do NOT expect that again this week,  but I feel good to be back to a number that I am more comfortable with.  I KNOW!  I KNOW!!!  I tell you all to not worry about the number on the scale, and then I still let it freak me out!  I work on this mind game all the time.  It was a deeply seeded in my mind when I was VERY young.  Actually by my childhood pediatrician/neighbor.  That number HAD to be under a certain number and ANY belly fat was BAD!  And he made sure I knew that I had WAY TOO MUCH of it!  Even today, I could be thin everywhere else, but as long as I still have a little belly bulge, I fear that in my mind, I will always still think of myself as that fat little girl who hated to go to the doctor.  I will always be a work in progress:)

OH!  And also on the Gluten Free subject…I personally have thought that my complexion was getting better.  No cysts and some of the blotchy-ness is clearing up, but today, my sister-in-law made an out of the blue comment about how much more clear my skin looks.  That made me feel fantastic:)

Over the weekend, my nephew married a wonderful girl in a spectacular, beautiful wedding and then we celebrated all evening and if you have never met me…I LOVE to dance!  It makes me happy!  So after about 2.5 hours of dancing, I was one happy girl!  And the biggest and best wishes go out to my wonderful nephew and his equally wonderful new bride:)  Love them two!

I also ran a 5k Saturday morning.  Not a bad time for me, about 32 minutes.  Great course, just a bit windy, but the perfect temp.  Then I went straight to Legacy for FIT class.  So as you can see, Saturday was pretty busy, which left Sunday to do ALL of my weekend stuff in one day.   Which, did not work out great for me since I was starting to feel a little blah already by the afternoon, which then went into full blown not feeling well around 3AM Monday:P  I even stayed home from work yesterday.  I also was without internet from Saturday afternoon through Monday afternoon.  Talk about feeling cut off from the world!  I missed you all!  Back today, but a little sluggish still, and hoping that my effort at class tonight will even look CLOSE to what I am used to putting out.

I also wanted to tell you all, that since I have been asked MANY times WHAT exactly I eat, that I am working on something.  Although I will not post an actual “diet”, because I believe there is no “one-size-fits all” diet, I am working on a Foods List that shows the foods that I try to have in my diet (except that I am now gluten free, and this list will not reflect that).  I will hopefully have it organized and finished by next week.

Until next time….Eat Healthy!  Train Hard!  Put one foot in front of the other!  AND  Make Each Day GREAT!

A little inspiration from the one of my favorite IFBB Pros, Nicole Wilkins!