Wanna Know THE Secret to Lasting Weight Loss?

Got your attention didn’t I?

Well, if you know me, then you KNOW that I am going to say that the secret really is no secret!

You simply show up and live your life in a healthy way that matches your goals DAILY.

Yes, EVERY F-ing DAY!

It is the same with a successful business.  If you want to become successful and CONTINUE to BE successful, you don’t get there and say, “COOL!  I’m done working now!”

It does NOT work that way!

Don’t take this as an assault on YOU, I am saying this to Me as much as anyone, because I have STILL been slacking lately.   I am scared and/or frustrated with how some things are going in my life, and I am turning to comfort foods and booze to numb me out to them.  Some are actually even good things, but they scare me even more than the bad things, because I am not as used to having good things happen to me.  Unfamiliar territory if you will.  Hey, OLD habits are hard to break!  I get it!  But each day I do my best to wake up with a grateful heart that I have the success that I have achieved and set out to do my best for that day.  Some days I WIN, and some days I FAIL MISERABLY!   It happens!  But that doesn’t mean I GIVE UP!  It simply means that I try again tomorrow.

I was looking at some of my pictures from when I was my most fit.  They were taken a few years back before my Dad got bad and before the Menopause Monster took over my body! 😛


My husband tells me,”Stop worrying about it! You look great!  And that a woman your age should be so lucky as to look like you do. But at your age, you also need to stop worrying about finding those abs again, because your hormones are probably NOT going to let it happen.”  I listened to him…AT FIRST!  But today after looking at those pictures, and thinking about what I did to get there, I have faith that I CAN get there again!  I just need to rework a few things and listen to my OWN ADVICE!  Do The WHOLE Package!  You can’t JUST workout.  You can’t JUST have good nutrition.  You can’t JUST have the BEST Supplements.  You can’t JUST have support.  You need to have it ALL TOGETHER!!!

One of my biggest downfalls is that I LOVE BEER!  And with beer often comes snacks.  Well, if I have to cut that back to what I was doing when I got to these pictures, then that is what I will do!  Beer rationing has begun!  LOL!


But when people ask me what I do when I am at my best because “that’s what THEY WANT”, I happily share whatever I can with them.  But if they aren’t willing to do things the way I do them, then they really can’t complain and say that my way simply doesn’t work for them.  I workout.  I eat right at least 80% of the time, I drink Shakeology EVERY DAY, and I use supplements when I lift heavy.  Yes Ladies, you HAVE TO DO SOME TYPE OF RESISTANCE TRAINING!  You will not get bulky!  But if you are over 35 years old, your muscles are already deteriorating and NEED HELP!  You are lying to yourself to get out of doing the work.  I know this for a fact, because I used to do it myself!

I can’t want it enough for you to make it happen.  And I certainly can not do the work for you!

You have to stop talking negative crap to yourself and invest in what WILL help you IF you are willing to WORK for it!



So, Do you WANT to be healthy and fit?

Do you WANT to be free of the prison that being obese really is.  Don’t tell me it’s not, because I have been there!  Being overweight is HARD!  And in my opinion it is harder than any workout!

Decide. Commit. Succeed!

I would love to help you if you are READY!

I believe in YOU!  And I believe in ME!  And I KNOW we can do it!  Especially if we do it TOGETHER!  We just have to make the commitment to ourselves, to keep taking steps forward on this journey every day!

Contact me today so we can work together to reach our goals!



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