Exciting Author News!

Guess who now has a YouTube page?

No, Not me. Well I do, but mine is mostly private. A lot of old dance choreography. And simply not well done, because, well, as you know being on camera kinda freaks me out. Crap! Just Squirrel Brained again!

Anyway, back to who DOES have an new YouTube Channel, and that is the talented 2020 Debut Author, Hunter Holmes!

And the first video is connected to the picture below. Due to the age restriction on it, I can’t share it directly, but…..I can link it(insert sneaky look and giggle here)


It is the trailer for H’s first book The Prospect – Chronicles of Creighton Book 1(<–click the title to go straight to Amazon to preview and purchase)

After becoming an Award Winning Debut Author and having an Award Winning Debut Novel in 2020, I hope you all are ready for the big things coming for #TeamHunterHolmes in 2021. He has an amazing team backing him up and ready to share his talents. I am honored to be a very small part of that. His manager Kristina Simkins and PCA Scarlett Page are both doing some outstanding work seeing to it that he is highly visable, so know that you are far from seeing the last of him.

I hope you enjoyed the trailer. For more on his upcoming adventures, follow both Me and Hunter everywhere! My links are on my Homepage, and here are Hunter’s-

IG – @huntersoubliette

Facebook – Hunter’s Oubliette

TikTok – hunterholmes_author

YouTube – Hunter Holmes

2 new titles already set for a projected 2021 release

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