Lost In The Cave

There is safety in the cave
The protector is there
But I am pushed away
Like I don’t truly exist
Darkness falls over me
I go towards the dim light source
There will be comfort in the light
As I continue slipping deeper into the cave
I tell myself if I only tried harder
That surly the protector would not have abandoned me
Maybe this loneliness is my destiny
Deeper again I slip through the darkness
Utterly alone
I have slipped too deep
The light is dimming
But I can see it
Is there still hope
Over and over I reach for it
It’s dimming faster
It’s going out
I can’t reach it
What is it
Why can’t I grasp something that seems so close
The Cave is swallowing it
It is gone
It is lost
It took all hope with it
I am left in pure darkness
As I too fade, I have to wonder
What was the source of the light
that was so carelessly snuffed out
It was me

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