Tuesday Legacy Martial Arts FIT class!

OK….second post of the day, but last night’s FIT class deserves its own post:)

We partnered up, and my friend Laura from Heartland Road Runners Club was there for her first FIT class experience, so we paired up.  We had a blast.  Here is a short summary of the AWESOMENESS of this class:

Run the mats

Side shuffle on the mats going right then left

High knees skipping

Running it out!

First exercise was carrying your partner down the mats and back like a fireman’s carry.

Next was vertical sit ups with your legs wrapped around your partners waist(TOUGH both ways!)

Wheelbarrows were next.  Each partner down and back.

Then we got out the medicine balls:)  Laura and I ended up with a 12# one!  Chest tosses were first, then we went to bicep curls and tri presses while your partner held a squat!

Then we did partnered sit-ups exchanging the medicine ball at the top each time.  Then came the PLANKS and push-ups!  We did them with our feet on the medicine ball, and then with our hands on the medicine ball.

To end the class, we did a count down!  Now those of you who do not know what a count down is…I am going to say, if you get to the end of your day, and have NOT done a workout…squeeze one of these puppies in:)  It is simple.  You start with 10 jumping jacks, 10 push-ups, and 10 sit-ups.  Then you do nine of each.  Then you do 8 of each.  And so on until you reach ONE!  And no resting!  Just keep pushing!

And as if that wasn’t enough….then I did an hour of Zumba!  It was a BLAST!  Small class, but it gave Stacey and I some time to work on her new songs.  One of them is called a fight song where you are facing a partner.  REALLY FUN!  Zumba class at Legacy is so laid back, that you don’t feel like a big idiot if you mess up.  Zumba is supposed to be FUN!  And Stacey Getz makes it that way!   The 500-700 calories per hour is a nice benefit too:)


Anyway…that was my Tuesday night at Legacy Martial Arts!  Full of fitness fun:)  FIT class is never the same twice, and keeps you revving from start to finish.  If you are in the Quincy area, I HIGHLY recommend giving their classes a try.  Your first week is free, and there are 3 FIT classe, 3 Zumba classes, 2 MMA classes, and now 2 Adult Jiu Jitsu classes each week to choose from.  If that wasn’t enough to sell you on the place, the people(instructors and other students alike) WILL!  The Bentley’s are the best!  If you truly want to be in great shape, classes at Legacy Martial Arts is a wonderful place to be.

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