Day 11 of My Personal Best Challenge

Going to start off by telling you all that I am sticking to my plan about 75-80% of the time.  NOT the greatest:(  I am working on some mental stuff this week, to try to figure out WHY I still seem to be self-sabatoging.  I am still catching myself eating my emotions, and eating out of boredom or procrastination the last 2 weeks.  I am making better choices in my foods, but too much IS too much.

I still have not been feeling quite myself since I had that respiratory infection 2 weeks ago.  Not sure if I jumped back in too fast to my normal workouts, or if I still haven’t completely shaken it, or what the issue is.  That said, I am doing my best to keep myself healthy AND get in my workouts.  I also did some great food prep this past weekend, that is keeping me more on track than I would be had I NOT had several meals in my fridge to GRAB AND GO.  FOOD PLANNING IS ESSENTIAL for me at this time.  Also, I am going to cut myself a bit of slack this weekend, and spend some time just “being”.  Yes, I am planning a full REST DAY!  LOL!

So….don’t forget to REST!  Yes, if you want to get fit, you WILL have to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.  BUT!  You also have to give your body proper rest to recover and build.  Recall, that your muscles actually grow at REST!  When you are working out, you are actually breaking them down, putting little micro tears in them, and those little tears require healthy foods and rest to repair and grow.  And the bigger your muscles are, the faster your metabolism will be, so we want to build our muscles!  And NO!  I am not saying we all need to be body builders, or even fitness models.  I am talking about lean muscle mass.  But I will GUARANTEE YOU(especially women), that you are not going to get “bulky” without being EXTREMELY DEDICATED and lifting MASSIVE amounts of weight.  And for a “body builder’s” body you would HAVE to take some pretty scary stuff to get it.

Enjoy your long Memorial Day Weekend!  And remember WHY you have off on Monday…….


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