A good day:)

I started the day a bit tired.  And admittedly a bit down that I did not reach my goals for today’s photo shoot.  But it was great to see Sherry(from Lasting Impressions by Sherry) again.  AND she did an AWESOME job of getting some good shots.  I can’t wait to share them with you all.

After we were done, I taught FIT class at Legacy Martial Arts!  Had a great group, and I thank them all for showing up and putting forth 110%!

After we finished up, I went to the Quincy Salvation Army Kroc center for their 1 year anniversary and tried out a Les Mills Body Attack class, and a Zumba class.  I really liked their teachers.  Funny how different styles can be.

Since I got home, EXHAUSTED mind you, I have been sitting watching movies surrounded by my little cuddle bugs:)  Taking the rest of today off and mostly tomorrow aside from some food prep and a little cleaning.   For now, I am falling asleep as I type, so I am going to bid you farewell, and I will talk to you all again soon:)

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