2013 Started blah, but then came MMA Class!!!

Sorry I have been a slacker blogger for the last couple weeks, but I got REALLY sick New Year’s Eve, and have been concentrating on getting better.  Then on Monday January 7th, I did something that I NEVER thought I COULD do, let alone WOULD do!  I started MMA classes at Legacy Martial Arts.

As you know, I have been taking the FIT classes and Zumba classes there regularly for over a year, but Mr Bentley FINALLY convinced me to try it out!  And I LOVE IT!  I have been looking for something to take me to the next level, and I REALLY think this is IT!  With my back issues(3 level lumbar fusion with a natural fusion of my L3, which is unusually large, to my Right hip bone),  I have always been hesitant with how much I would train my lower back, and it is therefore VERY weak!  Especially in comparison to the rest of my body.  But as most of you know, without a strong core, there are just many things you can not do well.  From deadlifts in weight training, to balance poses in yoga, to pulling people with the rope in FIT class(the most frustrating for me!).

I will say, that after my first week of 4 nights a week straight of functional training, I was SORE by Friday!!!  So I happily took it as a rest day.  But here is what my week’s training schedule looked like:

Monday – Started my night at home with a 3 mile run.  Then I headed to Legacy for my first MMA class.  Remember the beginning of this blog, when I said I had been sick…well we did a 5 minute punching drill that nearly made my lungs pop!  But I loved every second of it!  And I actually think that the heavy breathing HELPED get my lungs to start clearing.  However, as I write this I will say that I am still not feeling even close to 100%.

Tuesday – Normal Legacy night of FIT and Zumba.

Wednesday – Started at the Kroc with 1 mile W/U on the elliptical, Lifted Back Side, and then headed to Legacy after doing some grocery shopping for MMA class #2!  This one was ground work!  I actually GRAPPLED!  It was so much fun!   And NO pain in my back.   The DOMS that would follow was a WHOLE different story!  LOL!  But still no pain like what I was so fearful of in my back.

Thursday – Started at the Kroc again and Lifted Front Side and Shoulders, then it was off for the normal Legacy Thursday night of FIT and Zumba.

Friday – REST!!!  aaahhhhh

Saturday – Back to Legacy for Family FIT at 10, Capoeria at 11, Yoga at Noon, and grappling at 1.  I was admittedly EXHAUSTED by the end, and I still had to go to Wal-Mart to pick up a few household items, and some yoga blocks to help with my splits practice.

Sunday – 1PM Zumba at Legacy for an Active Rest day.

I may be sore, and I may be WAY behind on my sleep, but I WILL get used to this new schedule.  And I am going to REALLY work on my New Year’s Resolution of getting more sleep!  NO more staying up until after Midnight to catch up with everyone on FB.   So, if you NEED or want me to see something, please IM me:)

AND…I will reach my goal that I have set for myself by April 5th.  You see, I have started a 12-week Transformation Challenge on http://www.bodybuilding.com.  I have decided to do ONE more to try to get their attention!  This time I WILL succeed!  I will admit, that I ate poorly for the last two days so that these “before” shots would NOT be very good, but WOW!  These are BAD!  LOL!  But “before” shots are SUPPOSED to be bad, right? And…I am using this blog is to help me stay accountable, so here they are:

1-13-13 015 1-13-13 012 1-13-13 007


I hope you all follow my progress and cheer me on during this challenge!  I’ll try to update at least once a week.


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