12 Week Challenge Progress Report

Hello Blog World!

I have been a lazy blogger lately.  Actually, that isn’t exactly true.  I have been a bit down.  Sunday Jan 20th, I had a molar break on me.  Well, since I had already been battling the one above it breaking off…oh…about a year ago, and was sure it was holding infection, I decided to put on my “Big Girl Panties” and go to the dentist.  I was right!  They pulled the infected one to release the pocket of infection, but then I had to wait for the newly broken one to be fixed.  Dentist did an AWESOME job on all of it, but in between, I was in some SERIOUS pain.  All MY fault I realize.  No longer will I neglect my oral health!  It may be expensive since I don’t have insurance, but neglecting your teeth(especially when you KNOW an infection is involved) is as bad as neglecting the rest of your health.

SO…what did all of this mean for my 12 Week Challenge?  UM…NO workouts from Tuesday thru Saturday last week due to the infection and open wound in my mouth.  Sunday and Monday I was in a TON of pain, so got nothing done.  Monday, they fixed the broken tooth so I could start to recover.  YYAAYY!!!  On Tuesday, I returned to Legacy Martial Arts!  I was just hoping to be able to finish both FIT and Zumba classes, but I KILLED them!  I was SO exhausted, but it felt wonderful!  Last night, I returned to MMA class.  Learning SO much there pretty fast.  I hope I can keep up!  Missing 2 classes made me feel a bit behind last night, but we rolled after class, and I felt pretty good about it.  I still feel like I need a LOT of instruction, but I have an AWESOME instructor in Mr Bentley, and all of the other students who have been in the classes longer, and even the fighters, are so willing to help me learn.

The meds I am on, plus just being down, has made me really bloat up, so I am not weighing in this week, and possibly not next.  I will get back in my routine, start eating normal again(been mostly liquid diet, so LOTS of smoothies which is also probably a bit too much dairy for me:P), and HOPEFULLY start sleeping through the night!  I am telling you, this pain has ranked right up there with my post-op pain after my spinal fusion!!!

OH…I can’t forget to tell you all my other news!!!!  I am trying something else new this weekend!  I am starting Jiu Jitsu!  We are having a seminar at Legacy Martial Arts with Mr Bentley’s instructor!  I am so excited!  I even got a Gi, and pictures will be up soon!  Mr B. presented it to me in front of my FIT class Tuesday night.  I am so blessed to have found my fitness family that supports me the way they do.  If you haven’t found your “place” in the fitness world yet, please don’t give up.  There is something out there for everyone!  Maybe the solitude of running.  Maybe group classes.  Maybe being in a gym.  Maybe at home DVD workouts.  Whatever it is, you will find your fit.  Just NEVER give up!  Maybe the motivation and inspiration of my Facebook page could help.  Stop by and see what motivation and inspiration I might come up with:)

You can find me there EVERY day!  http://www.facebook.com/bodybybrenda1


Until Next Time….Make it GREAT!!!

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