Fight For Your Light

The warmth and light
Soothing as it rises
Hope stirs anew
Has the day come
Will the darkness go and rest
Slip into a slumber of its own
Allowing peace and joy
Could it be as the fireball rises
A new day has actually dawned
As the time for death had seemed inevitable
Could this light be fortuitous
Is it strong enough to break through the darkness
Only time will tell
Until then work will be done
Words will be said
And tears will be shed
Grasp on to the hope
Hold on to what is good
Weigh it against the bad
Wait for the awakening
But fight for your light
Gloves Up!

Photo Credit to Stace Sanchez of model Unknown

Written on International Poetry Day 2021!

Feature Image by Raul Petri on Unsplash

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