January 2022 Fitness Challenge

Time for a new Challenge!

Our first one of 2022!

I don’t care what you want to call it, a resolution, a goal, a plan, an idea, a dream…

What do you want out of 2022 for you personally? Is it a career goal? A personal goal? A health goal? A fitness goal?

Mine is kind of all of the above. I have things in my head that I would like to accomplish this year. But most of them revolve around me putting my own health and fitness first. That said, I am rethinking the decision about officially closing my studio. I have decided that I will reevaluate my situation come Spring. No matter what, I will NOT be adding a full load like I did before. It takes too much time away from my family, my home, and MYSELF! I also work a 40(often 40+) hour a week job, and I was not leaving enough time to really take care of myself.

OK, enough about me and my plans, let’s get to this Challenge!

It is a bit different from some I have done in the past. It will be 3 exercises each day, and the reps will build weekly by adding additional sets. Each day also has within it, a cardio element. And because it will get to be a little more work as it builds, I have made Sunday a Rest/Self-Care/Stretch day.

As always, the daily workout will be posted on my Like Page

I will add the modification videos that you can start with and build that I found on YouTube at the bottom, and the Stretch Workout will be just below the calendar once I finish it(fingers crossed for my camera equipment! If it fails me, I do have a backup YouTube stretch workout in mind.

Demo Videos & Modifications

4 Easy Ways to Modify Push Ups If You Can’t Do One Yet – How To Do a Push Up Correctly for Beginners

Frog Crunches – For Sculpted Abdominals

Wall Frog Abdominal Crunches | Posture Ellie

Modified Jumping Jacks

How to do Standing Elbow to Knee Crunch | Joanna Soh

Reverse Lunges

 The Reverse Lunge at Home with Flor Beckmann | Good Form | Nike

Modified Reverse Lunge

High Knees can me a full out cardio high knee run in place, or a March in Place. You Do You! But do try to put a little extra into it to raise your heart rate a bit.

Stretch Workout Video

As promised, here is a video for you to use as a simple guide to see what kinds of stretches I would like to see you do on rest day Sundays, or follow along. This can also be done throughout the week to help with flexibility and mobility.


Please go to my Facebook Page, Body By BrendaT – Phoenix Fitness Books and Biceps if you have any questions or would like to be added to my tagged friends list so you get a daily reminder of what should be done that day.

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