I have been obsessed with Katy Perry’s song Roar since I first heard it.  I even HAD to choreograph a Zumba warm up routine to it.  The words just really resonate with me.  It is SO ME!  I spent many years of my life being obese and a closet heavy drinker, so I hid from the world a lot.  I did not want people to see Me.  I also lived my life very quiet and small.  I felt my opinion was very insignificant to the world.  Many times when I did have an opinion, I kept it to myself, out of pure fear that if I did stand up and speak, that would mean someone would have to look at me.  

It has taken a lot of work.  A lot of soul searching.  A lot of digging deep.  But as I lost the weight and gained some confidence, I found that I wanted MORE! So I work and fight to find more every day.  I want to be someone that people want to listen to.  I want to help others reach for their goals.  And I WANT to do it LOUDLY!!!


I am the Champion of MY LIFE!  Why shouldn’t I Roar?

Make a concerted effort EVERY DAY to be your very best YOU!  That is all we can do in life.  Striving for perfection is going to leave you only with heartache!  Even when you ARE perfect to someone else, you, as your WORST critic, will never be perfect in your own eyes anyway!  It is a losing battle.  Strive for PROGRESS!  Make today a little better than yesterday.  And when it isn’t, and there WILL be days like that, get back up dust yourself off and ROAR!  This is YOUR LIFE!  Only YOU can change it!  Do your best, WHATEVER that is for that day, and just keep moving FORWARD!  

The past is over!  

The time of biting our tongues is over!

It is time to ROAR!

African Lion Roaring Animal Model


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