Something to be Proud of

I have been challenged today to show someone something AMAZING about myself that I am proud of.  Well, if you know me, that is hard for me, because I don’t always think so highly of myself, or give myself much credit.

I have been working on my flexibility for quite some time, and PiYo is helping me quite a bit, and I am improving.  But I don’t have any newer pics showing those improvements.  So I was looking at this pic of me from 2 years ago(I can actually go farther down now).


OK, so that may not look overly impressive by too many standards.  BUT…what if I showed you pictures of what my 3rd back surgery entailed like these?

back fusionlumbar fusionMakes me realize how lucky I am, and what a fast downward spiral I was on.  Makes me remember every agonizing day at the beginning when I just wanted to touch my toes.  I remember how much I had to work just to get my atrophied hamstrings to start moving at all.

So, I guess I am saying that I am proud of the work I put in to make my disability a NON-issue.  I am now at 43 in better shape, healthier, and quite frankly, skinnier 😉 , than I was at 21 years old, BEFORE my injury and the first back surgery.

If I can do THAT, I think it is time to stop asking “Why Me?”, as in “Why did this happen to me?”, and stop letting it hold me back and be an excuse to fail.  And start asking, “Why NOT Me?” and allow more success into my life!  They say the road to success is lined with failure.  Well, that road may be straight up the side of a mountain, but I have already showed myself that I know how to fail, so I will keep climing.  Success must be just up this road!  SEE YOU AT THE TOP!


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