Jumping Off A Cliff and Learning to Fly!

I sometimes downplay what I have done over the past 15 months. I say that I opened a tiny little rural fitness studio.  Like it is a small, insignificant thing that just anyone could or would do at any time.  Like it wasn’t a big deal. Like it isn’t big enough to help anyone.
But you know what?
It can.
It has.
And it WILL help more!
And TODAY, more than ever, it has helped ME!
I have been feeling a bit lost in the overwhelm of life lately. If you know me or follow me on social media, you know that stress and this aging and hormonal shift crap has taken a toll on me and my confidence, both physically and mentally, over the last few years.
But I took this leap in spite of my intense fear, and we took on more debt than we are actually comfortable with to make my dream happen!
After years of feeling “less than” and “unworthy” of good things happening in my life, and actually feeling like jumping off a cliff to end my pathetic life, I found fitness and it changed my life. And in June of 2016, I jumped off a different “proverbial” cliff into being a business owner! Every step off the edge of the cliff has been more scary than the last, but so far, each time my parachute has opened! And even if I fail, I get to live with the regret of having tried and failed but not regretting NEVER having taken the chance. Never having taken the chance to help others as I feel I was put here to do. Never taking a chance on ME!
Today, the physical and emotional build of Phoenix Fitness with Body By BrendaT has shown me that I have more strength and confidence in myself than I ever give myself credit.
And I AM SUCCESSFUL in helping others!
My question for you, is will you strap on a parachute with me and take a chance on YOU?
If you are interested in being part of my inner circle to start, or continue, on your path to wellness, I would love to talk to you!
You can message me direct on Facebook or at bodybybrendat@outlook.com.  
OR CLICK HERE to fill out an application telling me a bit about you and your goals.
(I am also a Beachbody Coach, so some of the questions refer to Beachbody Coaching which is also available if you are not up for working out in public or with a group, but can’t afford personal training sessions)
I am willing to fall, because I know that when I get back up, the next try could be the time that I FLY!!!
WHY I chose the Phoenix!  #RiseUp

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