Inspired by DarkAngel’s Dark Poetry Volume 3

Have you ever read any dark poetry? Have you ever read any poetry that you weren’t forced to by a teacher? I admit that I was one of those people who did not really even try to appreciate poetry, because of a poor introduction to it in school. I just didn’t think it was in my wheel house. I am a numbers and facts girl. And I guess I thought that was all I could ever be. Then I was introduced by Hunter Holmes, to International Best Selling Author, DarkAngel. He does have a couple of, what I now know are amazing, books out too, but he is best known for his dark poetry.

I started with this book, as it was his most recent poetry release when I met him. He has since told me that that could have been the wrong thing to do. This is the third volume of the Dark Poetry collection, and he wrote/released them in the way that his readers can grow with him. They do tend to get darker as the volume grows higher, so starting with Volume 1 is best. But I was determined to “get it”. So I listened and learned.

I talked to some of his biggest fans about how DarkAngel’s poetry makes them feel, and was shocked to find out that many of them also said that they were never really “into” poetry, but now own several of his handwritten works as I do. In our conversations, I realized that his words resonated so deeply with us as readers that many felt a shift deep in the soul. Because maybe we aren’t alone in the darkness. Maybe we aren’t too broken to be understood. Maybe, just maybe, I’m not a freak that deserves to be lonely and mistreated.

The following is one of the most popular from Dark Poetry Volume 3

And now I am going to admit to the world that I 100% did NOT understand this poem the first 20 or so times I wrote it. I thought it was about dancing with your love. Possibly even at the beginning of the relationship and declaring that your love will never be alone. But the more I read it, the more that didn’t feel right. Finally it hit me right in the gut! This line woke me up. Made me see the darkness and death.

“The sands flow steady, The dust so light, for too soon for you will come my twilight.’

NOW, poetry is a very personal thing, for the poet, for the reader, for the poem itself. Each time you read a well written poem, one time you may feel like you know exactly what the poet was saying. Then you may be in a different mood or mindset the next time you read it and get something different from it. Possibly even a 180Β° from what you read the last time. So I prefer to not talk about exactly how I interpret a piece very often. I made an exception in great detail with one poem recently. It is also a work from DA, but not this book. I will put the blog link at the end for reference if you would like to read it.

Other favorites from this book as I questioned his fans, were Heart on a Shelf and Me In You. My personal favorite from this collection is The Mirrors Veil. It was the first one in the book that sunk in when I finally just decided to quit analyzing each one and read through the whole book. It also rather frightened me that I felt it so deeply. It is obvious how dark it is even if you don’t fully “feel” it, just by the words. I pictured an exact time and place in my life when I read it. CRAP! I am crying again! The FEELS this man brings out of me tosses me all over the place sometimes. In fact, writing this out and admitting that has been cathartic. I think I am finally ready to order it and have it be my next DarkAngel handwritten poem to grace the walls of my home office.

Did you even know that was something he did? Check this out!

And if you have trouble getting to ANY of his stuff, visit his Flow Page by clicking the image below and all the links to take you to everything DarkAngel are there.

So “Dark Poetry Volume 3” may not be the place for YOU to start with reading DA’s work, but I do highly recommend it. He is a Best Selling Poet for a reason. And as one of his biggest fans who has been honored and humbled to be on his and Hunter Holmes’s Elite street team the Labyrinth’s Legion, I believe that there is something in his vast collection for everyone.

Now, at the moment that I am writing this, I need to go to my Facebook page and share about the book group take over he is doing tonight. Click here to join us if you catch it in time–> DarkAngel takes over C&L’s Kickass Book Group

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The following is the blog post I talked about above. It is about how the poem Acceptance, which is from DarkAngel’s “BDSM Poetry Volume 1”, made me feel.

2 Replies to “Inspired by DarkAngel’s Dark Poetry Volume 3”

  1. Oh Brenda you sometimes sell yourself short, you write beautifully.

    What a way to present DarkAngel’s works, you are right, he is the best at what he does and I was like you in that I never understood or could appreciate poetry, school has a way of beating that out of you. I am ever so glad I became a member of the Labyrinth, had I not then I might never have come to appreciate or see the beauty in his poems.

    As always, have a wonderful day x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank You! You have been here to show my passion love since the day we met. I am glad the Labyrinth brought us together. Hope you are having a wonderful day.


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